Are there such thing as witches?

Are there such thing as witches

Merry Meet Seeker, Peaceful people who follow the religion of Wicca are called witches. Witchcraft is nothing new – it has been around since life began on Earth. It is the simplest and most beautiful way to respect nature and everything around us. Many people believe that human beings are somehow more gifted or smarter than animals and other living things. However, Witchcraft teaches us that all entities on Earth are equally important. There is abundant energy in everything around us. Even the tiny grain of sand on the beach has a lot of energy. We all have heard of the theory of the atom bomb. The biggest atom bomb that can destroy our planet is designed by utilizing the release of energy from a tiny atom due to a nuclear chain reaction. So one can only imagine the power that is internal to the magnificent Earth we live on. Witchcraft is a peaceful religion or way of life that respects all things in the world that are seen as well as unseen. The air is always around us, but do we see it? Only when and we feel it or when we watch the leaves rustling are we aware of the breeze. There is a whole lot of entities and beings (spirits) we cannot see with our eyes. We should not assume that the only “real” things in the world are what we see. Witchcraft teaches us how to respect and communicate with all things seen and unseen. This peaceful religion also teaches us to know the meaning of the adage”the only love you keep is the love you give away” – meaning that only by doing good will good things happen to us. What we put into the Universe comes back to us in similar form. If we give others pain, we receive pain in return. However, witchcraft gives the people back their control in life. No threats, no dire after-death predictions and no one to contribute money to. This religion is free and empowering to all. Brightest Blessings.. Rose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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