Are wands still made today? what are they used for?

Are wands still made today? what are they used for?

Merry Meet Seeker,
Of course, wands are very popular and are still made today. Wands are made worldwide by many companies and groups who cater to Wicca and similar religions which use the wand as an extension of our human energy. Check out some of these sites where you can get more information on wands.
Although the Harry Potter movies were responsible for the recent interest in wizardry and natural religions, the old pagan religions that were born with the Earth itself have been using wands as an extension of their own capabilities. Wands could be made from any tree limb or metal but there are many timbers which are believed to be superior to other woods.
Currenly, wands are made with wood such as alder, apple, ash, birch, blackthorn, broom, cedar, elder, elm, fir, furze, hawthorn, hazel, holly, juniper, mistletoe, oak, pine, rowan, willow and yew. The wood of these trees were believed to provide a powerful spiritual presence. This also enables the powerful energy that flows through us to be transmitted through these wands so that it enhances our experience.
There are many types of wands including Wiccan wands, Witches wands, wands for witchcraft, custom wands, wooden wands, rune wands, runic wands for witchcraft, Norse wands, lunar wands, crystal wands, Moon wands and Druid’s wands to mention a few of the types of wands.
To make a wand, one doesn’t just go and cut a tree limb. We have to respect the towering presence of the tree which is actually a mountain of energy which is more important that the tiny person we are in front of it. Those who wish to make a wand for themselves will need to take only fallien branches for their use and that too with the full permission of the tree. It is best to leave a token of appreciation for the tree in the form of milk, water or other gift as a token of thanks.
Wands are used as an extension of our own energy which helps us to successful complete our rituals. An old or used wand must be cleansed and charged by the person who will be using it. Also, periodically, it is best to repeat the cleansing and charging rituals to keep the wand as powerful as it can be.
Brightest Blessings.

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