Ariadne Bath Spell to find new love

Hi Rose, my name is Maria Kadhila,Born 05 June 1984 at 8AM. i was or still cursed,given a bad luck to a boyfriend who is my Ex now to love again i mean no one could ever love me and take me seriously. i am 27 now and i want to get someone i can get married to and start a family.pls help!

Merry Meet Maria Kadhila,
It is unfortunate that you have in the past hurt others in the past. However, life goes on. You have the opportunity to heal the hurt and move on with your life. To heal this hurt, write a message to him on a piece of paper, contemplate on what you did wrong and then burn the paper safely. Now you are done with your past and can move on to the future with a clean slate.The Universe gives us many chances to find love and be happy. So try not to waste time worrying about the past and begin making wonderful plans for your future.
Here is a spell for you. This is called Ariadne bath. When Ariadne was cruelly abandoned by Theseus on an island and just when she assumed her life was over, she met Dioysus, her soul mate!
Ariadne Bath Spell
For this spell, you will need the following items:
White rose petals
honeysuckle blossoms
rose attar
1 large rose quartz gemstone
Step 1: Prepare a bath and add the honeysuckle blossoms, white rose petals and the rose attar.
Step 2: Place the rose quartz in the bath taking care that it won’t go through the drain.
Step 3: Soak in the aromatic bath while visualizing new love coming to you
Step 4: When you have completed the bath, carry the rose quartz with you at all times until you meet your soul mate.
Brightest Blessings

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