Arrow Spell for Love

Hi rose ! I want to know if there is a spell that finds love? Or a spell that finds love with a person at the time that you are seeing or talking to? I have bad luck, negativity n no love in my life:( besides my amazing family!!!:) I want to find love n get rid of all negativity n bad luck in my life, as well as my cleaning business to start booming n have no longer stresses about money, Bills, a place to live and happyness!!

Merry Meet Seeker,
Love spells are the most requested on this forum. Here is a wonderful spell that is sure to bring your lover straight to you. In this spell, we use the Tarot card along with a rose quartz gemstone or pendant which will send the arrows of love in all directions so that you will find your goal.
Arrow Spell for Love.
The eight of wands tarot card depicts love at first sight and it represents arrows for love. For this spell, you will need the following items:
red candle
love drawing oil (essential oil of rose or jasmine)
eight of wands card
1 rose quartz as a pendant or as a simple stone.

Step 1: Carve your intentions on the candle and dress it with the love drawing oil
Step 2: Burn the candle while you visualize your goals intently.
Step 3: Place the tarot card near the candle so that it is visible from where you sit.
Step 4: Now place the rose quartz next to the candle and card
Step 5: When the candle has burned down, remove the card and the rose quartz
Step 6: Place the card under your pillow so that it will inspire you in your dreams.
Step 7: During the day, wear the rose quartz as a pendant or have it on your person as a small charm bag to attract love.
Brightest Blessings

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  1. andrea says:

    my husband is not going home for 10 days since i am far away, hes telling me hes staying with his friens but i dont beleieve so, you think he have an affair with other girl,seldom he text me, hes not telling me wat are his activities pls help me

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