At what age can children start learning about magick?

hello, ive been doing magick for about 1 year and a half now. btu i was wondering my cousins also want
to learn magick and spells, but i told them now that they shouldnt do it yet because of their age but i dont know if it is okay or not. could you tell me at what age they can start learning magick and start using spells? i tihnk you for your answer. blessed be -mathieu

Merry Meet Mathieu,
That is a wonderful question indeed. I am glad that you are taking this responsibility as a mature person and also safeguarding your little cousins from any harm. Although you have mentioned that your cousins are young, I am not sure how young they are. Usually 13 is a good time to introduce Wicca if it is okay with your family and families of your cousins.

If any of the parents are against Wicca, it is best to learn and practice Wicca only when you are an adult and have moved away from the home. The problem with little children learning Wicca is that they may not understand the importance of Wicca and its rituals. Young minds have a way of imagination that may not be in tune with reality. Although little chidlren are taught religion and its “sins” early enough, many of them have no clue what it all means. Thankfully, as the children pass through puberty (teenage time) they begin to question their
beliefs and that of their parents.

The Universe takes care of all of the negative and threatening ideologies of the three main religions which leave a child completely confused as to theology. However, when they begin to think for themselves and question what they have been brainwashed into, they may move to the correct path. So this may not be the time to discuss Wicca with your young cousins and if they are eager to know about it, just make sure that you make an appt for a future date to let them know how wonderful and freeing Wicca is.

Brightest Blessings

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