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Hello Rose Ariadne, I have been with my boyfriend for some years now, but the problem is that he does not call me or act like he cares I believe he loves me but I do not know if there is any Magick I can do to influence him showing love towards me? Please help. Thanks, Jasna, -St.Louis MO

Merry Meet Jasna. Love is the most beautiful of all emotions. Most people cannot survive without some form of love in their life. It could be the love of our parents or our siblings or that of a pet. However, most of us still yearn to find romantic love especially when we see couples happily enjoying each other’s company. Here is a simple love spell that is very effective when you need to pull someone into your life. For this spell, you will need an item of your lover’s clothing. It can be a glove, a sock or a handkerchief. Gather seven acorns and place them in this item of clothing. Using red yarn or thread, knot the sock or scarf shut. Keep this packet under your pillow for seven nights. On the eighth day, go to the woods (or a park) near your home and find a natural cleft in a tree or a hole in the ground and leave the packet inside it. Walk around the spot where you kept the package three times sunwise, calling your beloved’s name with each rotation. Now walk away without looking back. Acorns are believed to have an abundance of spiritual energy as they have the potential to become mighty oaks. The seven acorns will help you find the love you need. Just leave it to them. Your love will be attacted to you if he was meant to be your true love. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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