Attracting deceased spirits

i had just became a witch well im still studying and stil learning. and my friends who was witches for a long time have spirits in them like a deceased spirit from the past i just wanted ot know is it real and if so how do to do it

Greetings! I am happy to know that you are still studying and learning witchcraft. Our goal is to become one with nature and to use our amazing powers of persuation to make the world better for everyone. Deceased spirits need to decide whether they want to reincarnate or if they are happy being part of the Cosmos in other ways. In ancient African traditions, there were rituals that included past spirits assuming physical bodies of people living in this world. However, Wiccans are not interested in having another spirit inhabit us. We are most interested in the potential that we have for our own growth and the final merge of our consciousness with the eternal Spirit. So try to move from deceased spirits (and friends who are dabbling in practices like that) to positive, uplifting goals such as helping others, being a psychic medium to help solve crimes, learning the art of healing called Reiki that will enable you to heal people far away etc. Try to become a teacher in herbal medicines and healing gemstones to everyone around you so that you can help them in their times of need. Witchcraft, like any other religion, can be used for the good of humankind. We also have the choice of using witchcraft for attracting energy that really does not have any purpose in our lives. So read all about our religion, especially “The three fold law” and promise yourself that you will only allow, good, constructive, benevolent rituals. Blessed Be!

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