Beginning in the Craft and Getting Spells to Work

ok were do i start im not a witch but i wanna be i think there the most beautiful things on erth well i never did magik or any thing i tryed it never worked how do i start ? and how do i get my spells to work?

One of the most important aspects of Wicca is to know the underlying principals. You don’t say exactly what type of spells you are attempting, so I will assume that you understand the concepts:
You can ask for whatever you want, but if it brings harm to another, know that you will bring greater harm to yourself.
You cannot force another to do something against their will. For example, casting a love spell on someone against his or her will falls into the category of bringing harm to someone else.
Try to remember that Wicca is all about self and taking care of your self without imposing your needs on someone else. So, if you want someone to love you, try casting a generic love spell on him or her–something that encourages them and helps them find the one that they love.
It may be that they love you already and simply haven’t had the courage to act on it, or it may be that the universe has something better in store for you.
The best advice I can give you when casting spells is not to imagine that you know the best way for the request to be answered. Sometimes, the answer comes in a way that you don’t immediately recognize and sometimes, the answer is just “no”. No never comes without a reason.
If you are very interested in becoming a witch, I would suggest finding an existing group to study with and researching as much as you can. Starting off as a solo practitioner is difficult and sometimes confusing.
Finding someone who can show you the basics and lead you through the high rites will help you get used to the tenets of the faith and give you encouragement. Once you have become comfortable with your new faith, there is no reason not to practice alone. Some witches choose to practice alone and some in groups, but it is always a good idea to try both and decide which feels best for you.
And, before you go looking for a coven to study with, read and research Wicca enough that you can tell the difference between real practitioners of the faith and those who are just playing at it. Know what questions to ask and be prepared to ask questions when you meet other wiccans. Ask as many questions as you need to and know that true wiccans will never be upset by people asking questions. If you ask someone questions about the faith and they try to dodge the question or refuse to answer, find someone else!

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