Book of Shadows

Secrets that are included in Book of Shadows include recipes for potions, prayers, chants or invocations to the Goddess or God, Rune Magick, Crystal Magick. Herbs are also a major part of our practice and almost every book of shadows will contain methods to make bath oils, anointing oils, perfumes, food preparations for festivals, etc. Some herbs are used for protecting a house, vehicle or space. Others are known to attract money, increase health or bring Love into the house. Many of these secrets are included in the Book of Shadows. The phases of the Moon, the ways to cleanse and consecrate items, proper methods of disposing items used in spells are other information that may be included in the Book of Shadows journals.

Overall, the Book of shadows helps the person who creates it and is a sacred text for everyone sharing it while following this natural path. As an individual begins a life in this direction, it is good to document the trials and tribulations as well as the successes in this book for future references. Many of us cannot depend on memory alone. Having a diary of our daily undertakings and accomplishments will help us and the people who follow us in the future to respect, understand and follow this path.

Anyone wishing to start a Book of Shadows of their own can buy from a large number of online websites selling them. Also, people can create their own Book by stitching together pages of homemade paper and decorating the cover with Runes or other sacred Wicca Symbols.

The Book of shadows was one way that the secrets to witchcraft could be handed over to generations all over the world. As more and more people get to know about the peaceful religions that inspire humanity to come together with the same goal, there will be a chance for peace in our Universe.

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