Bunch of Keys Good Luck Spell and a healing spell

A Very Merry Meet Rose, A while back you had a spell that involved 6 brass keys, making a mobile out of them to hang for protection I beleive. I was wondering if you could repeat it again, I can’t find it. I would also appreciate a simple physical healing spell, my family has had bad colds lately. I have been sick for 10 weeks now. With the Warmest of Wiches and Brightest of Blessings, Kitty Talkington

Merry Meet Kitty, I hope you are definitely feeling much better than when you wrote this message. I had given you a spell for good luck earlier. This spell used a bunch of keys (as many as you can find) which were hung from a bent coat hanger and fashioned to look like a mobile. Here it is: Step 1: Get as many old keys as you can find. There may be some old keys around your house. You can also go to your local pawn shop to find some. They must be metal keys. The older they are, the better. Step 2: Once you’ve got these keys, find an old keychain to put them on. (You can also use a bent wire coat hanger for making a good luck “key windchime”) Step 3: Hang it outside your front door. When the wind rustles the keys, positive energy that will bring good luck into your life will come. You have also asked for a simple physical healing spell. Here it is: Isis Healing Spell Isis is the Egyptian Goddess who is so powerful that she may be appealed to for any cause. Chant this ancient ISIS mantra: Oh Isis, Great of Magic Liberate me. Release me From death and pain And all things evil. You may also try this Wood healing spell: Get a few logs of oak or rowan wood. Create a fire with these logs and while the fire is crackling, look deeply into the embers and murmur your wishes for a complete recovery as well as for a perfect state of health thereafter. When the fire is almost gone, pick up a piece of burned wood carefully with tongs and dunk it in a pot of cold water. While doing this, visualize your illness breaking up and being destroyed. Repeat this for three consecutive nights to make your illness break up and disappear for good. Brightest Blessings!

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