Can a mortal marry/divorce a witch?

hi I am a first time user for this site. My Question is what can happen to a wiccan witch girl that is legally married to a mortal guy and wants to get a divorce from the wiccan witch girl? can you help.

Greetings! You may be thinking that witches are immortal. Well, there may be people who are so psychically powerful that they can avoid death, but for most witches, death is inevitable because like every one in the world, they are mortals. A witch is a person who is aware of their powers. All human beings are endowed with mental powers that may be used to enhance their life and make their dreams come true. Every person is a witch unmanifested. The only difference between a witch and any one else is that the witch uses her will power and knowledge to help herself and others. So if you marry a witch, what may be different is that your experiences will be very in-depth and meaningful as a witch lives very close to nature. True witches abide by the three fold law that brings three fold returns for every action, good or bad. If you are married to a good human being (a good witch) you will not have any problems. However, if you are married to a vengeful person, life may not be very easy if you want to get a divorce and she doesn’t want it. As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether she is a witch or not. If you are a good person and she is too, then the divorce can end amicably which is certainly better for everyone involved. It may be better to make her understand why you feel this way and want out of the marriage. Getting a lawyer may be a good idea if things get difficult. Brightest Blessings.

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  1. Laura says:

    I am very unhappy with my marriage and i want to get a divorce. but everytime my husband breaks down and cry and makes me feel very bad to leave him. Is there any spells or witchcraft for me to do to make him leave me. please help me!

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