Can a Muslim do magick?

Can a Muslim do magic? I’m a Muslim girl. I want to be a witch like you. Will you please help me and teach me?

Greetings! I know it can be very difficult to make such a decision without knowing how much of Magick is religion and vice-versa. Magick is inherent in every human being. We have the ability to go deep into our minds and create our dreams. All of us wish on candles for our birthdays and most of us do get our wish. That is Magick and it has nothing to do with any religion. The people of the Sufi sects of the Islamic religion are known for their awareness and dancing rituals. However, over the years, missionaries managed to induce fear and hatred in people for selfish reasons. So some religions will not allow people to even mention Magick. They would rather have us go to their “prayer houses”, give them money every month and live under their control every minute without using our brains. What I am trying to say is that people of any religion can practice Magick. If people are not allowed to dream and hope (which are the two pre-requisites for Magick, then all we can do is give up our life to the hands of others who may not even know us, right? It also depends on how old you are. If you are very young and your parents do not understand the practice of Meditation or the methods of finding our sacred space from where we push forth our magickal powers, then you may find it difficult to reassure them that you are doing nothing against your religion. If you are old enough to make this choice, then you have every right to start practicing Magick along with everything else you need to do for your religion. No one is capable of telling you whether this is a good idea. Its up to you to decide after you try for yourself. Read the book “A guide to the solitary practitioner” by Scott Cunningham. That seems to be the most easily understood Witchcraft book that I have seen in a while. Hope this helps! Brightest Blessings!

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  1. Anna says:

    It is completely haraam for a muslim to do magic.

  2. Myra says:

    what makes magick forbidden in Islam is because it involves calling the Islam it’s called “shirk”, or believing in other deities beside Allah, which is the greatest unforgivable sin. the witchcraft that gained a bad name in Qur’an are those done to break the marriage and causes harm to other people, and involved calling or rely on other deities…IMO as long as a psychic ritual doesnt involve doing these things it’s still OK. But most witchcraft do, which causes it haraam or strictly forbidden.

    Islam never tell us to follow doctrines blindly, but rather to use our judgment, awareness, and logic. Dont get me wrong, I deeply respect Wicca and white witches, I mean it. But for muslims, there are tons of alternatives to reach your dreams without witchcraft. Law of attraction for example.

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