Can a person believe in everything and yet believe in nothing?

~ okies, since yee have not answered any of my questions, except to talk about the free so many day trials of learning witchcraft. I thought it would be right to actually piece together my true question, and actually ask it – to see if “Magick, Witchcraft, Occult, Or Anything Metaphysical ” – could actually anwer. Why do so many people say they can solve any issue, answer any question, but when they finally get the real questions about love, faith, and existence – they either run away, don’t reply, or sometime even saying that their ‘ higher power ‘ will not answer it. When in fact all faiths, all paths, should have the freakin answer, but none of them are willing to actually find out what the heck it is, but would rather lie. Thinking that their faith comes from something else, when in fact, and the full existence of a single identity – all answers are right, all answers are wrong – its just the ones that fit the picture and seem to work, are the true correct ones. But enough of the rambling, can yee please, if there is anything truely spiritual, or actually TRUE, with the answers yee provide, can yee please help me with this one question. ?!?!?!? I really need help. To be honest. I have walked all the paths. I have understood the light. And now, I understand the darkness. I was gifted the name Seeker of Truth. I found it. I know Love, and I Hate the word. I know Oblivion, for that is my One Place. I quit the mortal term of dreaming along time ago, and it then became my own truth path. Aside from the unknown path of the shaman, I tried to find my faith everywhere. To no avail. My name, my birth rights, everything in life and the after, always pointed towards the roads of progression. ALWAYS. To be honest, I am a dragon and I know it, I am an angel, I am feline, a canine, a devil, I find myself in everything – I looked to the north for the guidance, I sought through the east for the answers, and stood with the west for the true understanding, yet to be honest – I fear the walk the my south, though it rages inside each and coming year, I find that it is kindled with the passions of lust, yet frozen – with the true love of eternity. I need help. How is it possible to heal the identity, heal the soul, heal the spirit, heal the Need. How is it possible to get finally get rid of all different paths of Faith & Love, Buy finally telling your entire self, that they are all indeed true. And that to be honest … I walk .. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Is it possible ?? please … Is it possible ???????? Many thanks !!!

Greetings! I love these type of questions. The ones from thinkers like you who make me think more too. Many philosophers over the years sought to find answers for the exact questions that you ask: 1. Why is it that people can’t answer all questions although they profess to know everything? 2. All answers are right. 3. All answers are wrong. 4. I am everything I see. 5. I walk all paths and yet do not seem to follow any one of them. Wonderful questions! What is amazing is that you have not only come up with these questions, but also most of the answers! Most people say they “know” things because they listen to others, read books that others wrote, watch how others react, etc. However, the best way to find the answers is to look at ourselves. All the intelligence of creation from the moment it was conceived by nature is within us. Remember the quote “What lies before us and what lies behind us are nothing compared to what lies within us!” In quiet moments, that is what we see, that is how we get the answers. In not so quiet moments, however, we lose the connections, we fall down from levitation, sometimes on our head :) The most important thing to remember is that we are here on earth to experience the joys, the sorrows, the bewildering questions that follow us around. However, all paths lead to the same destination. Some of the paths claim that they are the ONLY way. That claim itself is one of sheer ignorance because it comes from written words that were the results of calculated misinformation. To be like you, ever searching for answers, constantly coming up with more questions is the best way for your spirit to evolve. And it may evolve at a much faster rate than many of us on Earth who don’t use our minds at all, but live submissive lives.. So, keep looking, try all that is ahead of you and do whatever you will, so long as it hurts NONE. Hope this helps you in self-acceptance as well as acceptance of others around you. Brightest Blessings!

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