Can a person born in cancer control fire?

can a people who is born in cancer can control fire?

Merry Meet Seeker,
I am not sure why you have asked me this, but the sign a person is born in does not have anything to do with controlling a dangerous and yet brilliant fire. Fire is one of the elements that make up our beings. Fire can create and destroy at the same time. Putting out a fire is not for the average person. Fire can easily run out of control and destroy a lot of area. Fires every year destroy a vast area of land, homes, people, animals and more.
Since you are interested in Fire, here is some information on it:
The Sun represents fire and mankind would persish if the sun disappeared for a few days!
In Wicca, fire magick includes divination, candles and Sun rituals. When working in a spell, burning a piece of paper in which we have described our problems is the best way to get rid of those problems. The element of Fire consumes everything on its path and it changes everything into new states of being. If you find yourself getting scalded too many times, listen to the Universe. In some countries, they place offerings to the Sun to appease this fiery element in our lives.
Fire brings a lot of good things into our lives, such as virility, sexual heat, passion and lust to mention a few. Just as a rocket is fired by lighting a fire under it, the Sun can easily motivate us to enjoy the best life path we came to experience. Courage is also linked to fire. Fire can transform us into a better and more hopeful person.
Too much fire can lead to stress, worries, anger, violence, etc. Fire represents the athame (sword) and candles represent fire.
As you can see, controlling fire is not an easy thing to do unless you are thoroughly prepared and have all the items ready so that the small matchstick does not decide to create a roaring fire!
Brightest Blessings

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