Can a spell change my child’s DNA?

Is there a spell to change an unborn child dna?

Is your unborn child ill?

Otherwise,  why would you want to change your child’s DNA? So far as I know, there is not a spell that can help you do this and even if there were, it would be totally immoral and unethical.

As you should be aware, Wicca requires that you do what you will so long as no one else is harmed. Can you imagine the irrevocable harm that could be done to a child if you could randomly play withits genetic makeup?

Unless you have had a gene map done for this child and for whatever you would want to change it to, and know exactly how that is going to impact its entire life, playing god with your unborn child violates all the tenets of the faith. It is also just a very bad idea.

I’m not certain what you hope to accomplish by this, but there has got to be a better way to deal with things. If you are concerned about your child’s health,  talk with your doctor first to find out if the child is healthy. Then, if you have genetic concerns, ask the doctor about genetic screening for your unborn child.

If the genetic screening shows things that you can’t live with, then you need to make some decisions regarding the child’s future and your own, but magic is not the answer to questions about your pregnancy.

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