Can a spell help my mother accept my boyfriend?

I am looking for a spell that will make my mother accept my boyfriend and father of my soon to be here child. We have had a lot of problems and she refuses to accept him and our being togather. We love each other so much and are determined to be togather no matter what. She however can not stand him and refuses to let me even talk to him. I am 23 and have been practicing wicca for a while now, but I need help with this. Thank you and Blessed Be

A spell would probably not help in your situation. You need to talk to your mother.

At 23, I’m not sure how she is keeping you from talking to him unless you live with her. If you do, and are going to have this man’s child, you need to sit down and talk with her about her issues with your boyfriend/the father of her grandchild. Point out to her that no matter how she feels about him personally, he is the father of your child and has legal and moral rights to be involved with his child.

But when you sit down to have this talk, be open to what she has to say. Does she not like because she is worried about you and how he will provide for you and the child?  Does she not like him because at some point when you were angry with him you said something that she is still holding against him? Or is there another reason?

Parents, often no matter our age, are very protective of us and want the best for us. If she thinks he is bad for you and your child, find out why. That way you cna help her to see your boyfriend’s good points and help her to understand why you love him. Sometimes, though it would seem easier to just cast a spell to fix everything, we make things much better by actually talking to people.

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