Can a Summon really create long lasting love?

hi rose if black magic has been put on someone ex a summon was put on someone i i know to break up a couple can that man ever lose his true feelings for the women he really loves and love the new woman he is with that was brought to his life through majic

Greetings! You sound like you are really worried about the long lasting effects of this summon spell that someone has put on a loving couple. And for a valid reason indeed! It is very unfortunate when anyone chooses to split a loving couple that way. This type of spell creates very bad karma since it is breaking up a beautiful relationship. A summon spell should be avoided at all costs because the effects will not be very postive for the person who performed the spell or the one who requested the spell. Even if a summon spell breaks the relationship between two people, the person who was responsible for breaking them up will not be able to enjoy the love due to the negative energy surrounding her actions. The couple who were in love may go their separate ways and find other people to love. They may even find each other again if they use their own magickal powers. Since they were innocent of the harm inflicted on them, they are sure to have a joyous future. The person who decided to cast the negative spell on them will be the one to suffer lack of love from any one. There are positive ways to attract new people into your life and keep them with you. Instead of breaking the couple up, this woman could’ve tried to attract the “perfect man” for her. She could have her man and enjoyed a loving relationship wtih him forever. Hope this answers your question. Blessed Be!

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