Can anyone do magic?

dear Madam Ariadne, i honur your work and efforts to help us reach our question is does a person needs to be born with magickal abilities or any one can create and cast a spell? the reson i ask u this is that i followed ur explanaiton on how to create spells but it didnt work.the story is as following:i choose the day that my astrology sign the virgio is best cmpatable with i even tried some fortellers and stuff and they told me today everything is in your i went home and at afternoon the best time then i focused all my thoughts emmotions and will in one single desire to see my one and only love whom has traveled outside the country and i use the words “eternal love” and i said it with all might and power passion and the whole lot of desires that should help me. i even focuse on how to reach that desire which was by teleporting to her house i even focuse on the exact astrologicla location wich was given to me by a trustfull freind.unfortounatly nothing love is back now but i want to know what here it goes.and by the way what is the book of shadows?

Hello there dear, One of the questions that I am most often asked is simply, “Does magic really exist – and if so, then how can I go about learning to do it?” Well, my short answer to this is, “Yes, in my opinion, magic does really exist – and like anything else worth doing, you learn through lots of practice and hard work.” Now let me go ahead and elaborate and explain a bit more. To me, magic is simply a term attached to tapping into previously forgotten or unlearned human potential. I believe that there was a time when many more goodly people were able to perform feats that would typically be referred to in common vernacular as “magic” – but, unfortunately, over the centuries as science and logic and so called rational thought came into ascendance, what had been learned slowly became unlearned. The old ways were abandoned and forgotten in the relentless pursuit of what was the equivalent of the next big fad. This, of course, happened for a variety of reasons. For some it was simple lack of practice and willpower. For others it was that they had never developed the gifts in the first place. And for yet others, there was the forceful conversion from the wise crafts to the more socially acceptable modes of science and logic – and it is only in recent times that the bigotry has subsided enough to allow practitioners to once again be open with their art… at least in the majority of the western world. As to how to learn to do it, well, the majority of it is about self discipline and willpower. It is amazing what the human will is capable of once we learn how to focus and hone it. But, again, learning this is not a quick or easy process. It takes time and effort… and is certainly not for people looking for instant gratification or overnight results. For those interested in learning proper techniques for focusing their will and practicing magics, I would suggest a trip to either a good bookstore that caters to such… or even just a brief sojourn to the local library. Study is the start… and practice does, indeed, make perfect.

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  1. kimberly says:

    hi I am 27 and wanting to learn about magic and how to perform spells I don’t want to due black magic but would love to learn white magic.

  2. matthew says:

    hi my name is matthew im 14 i want to learn witchcraft so badly but i tried a binding i dont know if it works i need a witchcraft book not just sources for the internet i been trying some spells but the dont work. how can i learn how to do spells? do i have to be born with some type of magical thing inorder to do spells? and were can i get a witchcraft book? if you have any sugestions email me at [email protected] thanks

  3. andrew says:

    hi i am 13 and not special no magic d.n.a or any thing, i don’t know what to think every one thinks magic is not real but i know it is, all i want to do is something to prove it like float a pencil, or make a flame, or SOMETHING. pleases help me

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