Can black magic make you live forever?

gan black magic make live fo ever

Many people claim to be capable almost anything with their magicks and I suppose people who practice Black Magic do likewise, but try to look at this logically: Have you ever seen any evidence that people cn live forever?

Keep in mind that we do not promote the use of balck magic at this site at all, but even if we did, I would have to tell you that this is a false claim. Perhaps people who practice black magic are trying to avoid death, just like a lot of people in other faiths, by talking about the soul living on after death. I don’t know. What I do know is that the physical body dies. Period. End of sentence. Nothing can stop it. Not magic. Not science. Not religion.

All of those things can sometimes postpone a death, but death happens eventually. Otherwise, there would be evidence to the contrary. Someone would notice that certain people just don’t go away. It’s much like it would be fun to believe in the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, dragons and unicorns, but science has becoem so sophisticated that believing huge creatures could hide from modern society is illogical.

The same thing goes for believing that people could live for decades without someone noticing. Yes, ficiton writers like Anne Rice have made up believable tales on how it mgiht be able to work, but all those stories are set in a time when modern communications did not exist. With the web and camera phones everywhere, it is just illogical to believe that power that enormous could be hidden.

And, to be perfectly blunt, even without technology, other magical practitioners would be able to feel that kind of extreme power and someone would notice.

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2 Responses to “Can black magic make you live forever?”

  1. stephen says:

    just for the record this is my midle name and if u try voodo on me i have placed a spell to retern the pain to u 10 fold sorry i have a lot of enimeis that would do any thing to hurt me .
    any way there is no such thing as black magic it only depends on how u use it i have lerned tons of curses and jinxes (acualy is all i know) but it only has a coler if u use it as a wepon and yes the three fold law works and some times u end up feling the other pesons pain(literaly).my question is there a way to remove my spell of protetion because my frien placed it on me now any body places a good luck spellend up pasing out and get killer head aches?please help me or one kid in our coven is going to end up killing himself because the

  2. bradley says:

    i dont understand why do you seem so skiddish about black magick i mean with out it you couldnt have white, there can be no light to anything without an equal dark right?

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