Can gays practice Wicca?

blessed be! am gay. can i possibly focus practicing witchcraft? i need your help. am longing my interest in wicca. i want to learn as solitary practitioner. thank you so much

Greetings! Of course you can practice Wicca. Its one of the religions that accept nature and everything it signifies. All that Wicca ask of its followers is to love one another and work towards the progress of the entire world. If you would like to practice Wicca, get a copy of the book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Paperback) by Scott Cunningham That book will help you understand how to practice Wicca on your own. One of most important laws of Wicca is the practice or nurturing nature and preserving our Universe. Wiccans believe in using our spiritual powers to create our future. Love is the center of the universe. Love is all there is. So all kinds of love are accepted by Wiccans. As one of the more aware religions in the world, Wicca believes that every animate and inanimate object in this world deserves love and respect. That includes the planets, the earth, nature, unseen spirits and energies, the trees and the rocks and everthing else we can touch or feel or see. Wiccans celebrate the Spring, the Summer and the Fall seasons with ritual dances around the fire under the full moon. If you’d like to join wiccan groups called Covens, please check out: and enter your hometown in the search box for find out about existing covens in your area. Blessed Be!

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