Can I banish the ahrmful magics on me?

hi maam, I’m really enthused in wicca…i’d like to lean the pieces but not to harm others but just for protection for oneself, family, friends and epecially the needy ones who cannot afford to pay wicca specialist. But I really have a big questions that remain unanswered. 1st- is a banishing spell considered bad spell or black magic? Is banishing bad? 2nd- There are people who keeps on saying that I am a potent psychic, that I am a visualist, and a surivor of the arcane knowledge. How do I know if this is true. Although I know I dream different things like talking to to the spirit elements, when i say something that i really want to happen, it just happen , i don’t know if this is blesing in disguise. There was one time i had a dream, my worker went to our house, i didn’t saw them i didnt saw who’s with her but i dreamedthat she’s with tw0 ladies. i described to her the appearance and she said it’s true, is that blessing in disguise? i dreamed that in my way search to a certain church i met street children, one blind girl said, maam my bday will be on the 19th. there was a fire in my house last january 19. i had an aluminum healing, the candle drops turned into a woman, initials and numbers 767. the fire occured at 7:00 am. before the fire, my friend said black nazarene appeared in the altar, she saw it in the surveillance camera (but no black nazarene in the altar) . and i noticed too there are white circles floating. what is that? after the fire i saw a lot of images like in my door mo. mary while jesus is in kneeling position, and another mo. mary in triangular form in our wall in front of the 2nd room, dead black nazarene where the fire started. and a lot of images (woman grinning, old woman, a lot of eye figure, tall man. and a lot more. Please help me…it’s really strange for me. I’m really confused badly. Just for infos. the damage of fire is just one room where the fire started. there are four rooms in 2nd floor and two bathroom and another receiving area where my set is a WOOD SET. with a wood wallings, the house is 300 sq. mtrs. My two dogs died. that was so sad. they died in our room. Damian and hugo. by the way maam here’s my name and birthdate: michelle m. nera june 18, 1979 pls. help me. i believe someone had cast a spell on me and my husband. because until now we didn’t know where the fire started. Pls. give me a protection spell for me n my husband and for our dwelling. and house and a spell on how to return a hex from the sender. pls. give me a safe one.i would like my house to be cleansed and free from negative enrgies.pls. give me guidelines in wicca… pls. help me i’m begging you. tell me what’s the meaning behind my name and birthdate. thanks in advance, michelle m. nera philippines

Hello there Michelle my dear, Well, that was quite a question but it sounds like the gist of it is that you believe that someone has placed harmful magics upon you and your husband and you would like a way to banish said magics. So, to answer your first question, “No – ridding yourself of harmful influences is neither black magic, nor is it a bad thing.” In fact, here is a very safe spell that should be of assistance to you: A Spell to Counter Another%u2019s Magic If, for some reason you believe that another person is using magic in order to adversely affect you in some way, you can make use of this simple spell to remove their negative influences. What you will need: Two teaspoons of almond oil Rosemary essential oil A mixing bottle A sheet of white paper A black ink pen A white altar candle A purple taper candle A fireproof bowl Place three drops of the rosemary essential oil and the two teaspoons of almond oil in the mixing bottle. Charge the mixture by rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands, focusing your thoughts on the purpose of your spell-weaving as you do so. Set this aside. Light the white candle, focusing on the flame. As you do this envision whomever is responsible for the negative influence upon you growing smaller and smaller within the confines to the flame. Anoint the purple candle with the charged oils, drawing the oil away from you as you do so. This will help to redirect the negative influences away from you as well. Now set this candle aside. On the white paper write the words, %u201CAll blocks are now cast aside.%u201D Fold the piece of paper in half three times. Now light the purple candle and use its flame to set fire to the folded paper. Place the lit piece of paper into the fireproof bowl. Focus on the flames, repeat the following aloud three times: %u201CAs this paper burns away, Elements please hear me pray, Turn back the ill will sent to me, And send it on its way.%u201D As the flame dims, see the ill dissolving with them, then bring the session to an end by smothering the flame the rest of the way.

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