hi, im a christian and i was wondering your take on me doing little spells, harmless, i truly believe in kharma i would never do anything to hurt anyone. but will a spell work if im not dedicated to wicca, i mean i have great respect for nature and i’am very interested in the paranormal. i also like numerology and, i was just curios on what you think. oh and i dont know if you have heard about the 11:11 phenomena, but if you have i would also like to know your take on that as well. because it has been happening to me. thanks- Kathleen<3

I know that I may receive flak from some folks on this answer, but I need to answer according to my beliefs.  Personally, I see nothing wrong with you doing witchcraft as long as you don’t feel like you are betraying your birth religion.  After all, you already have your patron Deity, so that’s one search you would avoid.  I would suggest that you check out and look for a section on Christian Wiccans.  Yes, there is such a thing. 

To me, the essential message of Christianity boils down to “Love your neighbor as yourself;” I believe that Jesus is quoted as saying that in the bible.  Please note how very close that is to the Wiccan Rede (“If it harms none, do as you will.”)  The Wiccan Rule of Three also has many parallels in the Christian bible:  “As ye sow, so also shall ye reap.”  “Cast your bread upon the water, and it shall return to you.”  Compare these to the Wiccan Rule of Three:  “Whatever good you do, three times returns to you.  Whatever bad you do, three times returns too.”  These are all so very close in meaning that it would be splitting hairs to prove otherwise.

The very fact that you are close to nature is another indication that you might be able to synthesize both religions quite well.  Many Christians that I know are close to nature, and are very accepting of the Wiccan religion.  I also know other Christians who decry witchcraft, while pitching paper, plastic, and glass into the landfill, and driving their gas-guzzling SUVs one block to Sunday services. 

You have a natural, wholesome interest in the paranormal, numerology, and Wicca.  As I said earlier, as long as you can balance this yearning to learn with the tenets of your chosen religion, I believe that you will be fine.  I know that I don’t even need to say this to you, but please steer clear of grey and black magick.  They are contrary to both Christianity and Wicca, and can result in harm to you.  Remember:  do only those things which you would not mind having done to you.  Gee, there’s another Christian parallel!  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

As far as the “11:11 Phenomenon” goes…well, to each his own.  I feel that whatever helps you to find your path and your place and calling in this Universe is fine…as long as no one else is harmed in the process.

Light and Love to you.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.


  1. hanna says:

    if u have a voodoo doll where do u place the 7 pins if u put the success one in the stomach wont it hurt ur stomach to, and how do u take care of a voodoo doll?

  2. Brianna says:

    do you have to be a wiych to cast spells? i always wanted to be a witch but i dont know if i can cast spells.

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