Can I be part of a coven with people who have different beliefs?

Hello. I’m just beginning in my studies of Witchcraft (not Wicca). I cannot be Wiccan, because I believe in only one God. I can’t do otherwise, it would go against every grain of my being. I believe magic (I’ll never spell it with a k) is a manipulation of the energy which makes up all that we perceive. Now, the question~how can I be friends with or practice with others who believe in multiple deities? I would like to be accepted, but Wicca is everywhere, and I feel alone in my beliefs. Do you think it’s possible for me to practice magic with others who are not on the same wavelength? I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a Christian who wants to be a witch. I don’t have Christian beliefs.

It’s been a long time since I’ve ahd a question that managed to insult so many different people all in one fell swoop.

You insult Wiccans, Christians, Pagans and anyone who practices any form of New Age religion by sniping about their spelling and yet you ask to be accepted into their society. Wow. You definitely have chutzpah.

Normally, I would say that it is perfectly possible to practice with other witches who ahve similar but not the same beliefs. However, based on the phrasing of your question, I am led to believe that you would be put off any time a coven -mate refered to their beliefs in multiple dieties or referred to their belief system.

Whatever your belief system you seem to be wuite set in it and unwilling to accept anyone who is different. I find this odd because most witches I have ever met are acepting of differing belief systems and willing to understand those who come from a different perspective.

To be honest, I suspect that your set in our ways approach to things will probably be off-putting to most covens and you may find it difficult to find other witches who are even willing to share their knowledge with you.

Good luck in finding a coven that will accept you because I think you are definitely going to need it.

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