Can I become a witch

My name is Sonja, and I want to know if I am or can become a witch. My family on my mothers side is where I think it comes from, her maiden name is Ogaard and I was adopted and my biological father is an Ogaard. I know somewhere in the family there is magic. I want to know if its true and if I can learn the craft? Thank you, Sonja Gonzales

Merry Meet Sonja Gonzales,
As you have mentioned, you have a very interesting family background. The fact that you already have witches in your family tree means that you have additional help when you start working in witchcraft. Many people believe that our ancestral spirits coax us and encourage us on with whatever endeavors we start. Their blessings and good “vibes” help us along so that we learn quickly.
Witchcraft can be learned by anyone interested in it. However, to be a good witch, you need a kind heart, a deep conviction and a strong spirit. There are many ways in which you can become proficient in the art and science of Witchcraft.
If you search for books online, you may get many detailed ones, used and new, which elaborately teach you all that is needed to become a solitary practitioner of Witchcraft. If you do not like buying books from the internet, it is good to go to old and used book stores in your town to find such books. The first step in Witchcraft is knowledge. In addition to getting this knowledge from books, you may also join a local coven in your town. To find one in your area, go to the following website ( ). Narrow down the options on the left to converge on your town or city and you may be able to contact a practicing witch in your area.
As you start practicing and learning about tools, altars, sacred items, symbols, recipes, etc, remember to write them down in a journal so that other members in your family or coven can learn from your experiences.
So the answer to your question is that Sonja, you can become a witch if you are already an adult. Welcome to the world of witchcraft!
Brightest Blessings.

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