Can I become a witch?

r u a real witch coz i want to no how to become a witch

Hello there my dear, Asking how you know if you are a witch is very similar to asking how you know if you are a Catholic%u2026 or a Muslim%u2026 or a member of any other faith or religion for that matter. Which is to say, there is no %u201Cwitch litmus test%u201D as such, just as there is no %u201CChristianity litmus test%u201D%u2026. Being a witch is a matter of faith and belief, just like with any other system of beliefs. Being a witch is about a lot more than simply casting spells. It is much like any other system of beliefs in that the trappings and rituals are only small portions of the overall whole. And thus, much like taking the Eucharist does not make you a Catholic, intoning a spell does not make you a witch…. Becoming a practitioner of the wise craft requires a very real level of commitment and dedication. It is neither a quick, nor easy road to undertake and I would never suggest it to anyone who is going to take it lightly. So, if you think you might be interested in one of the many belief systems associated with being a witch (I personally am a wiccan) then I would suggest you take the time to do a bit of research and learn a bit about the dogma of the beliefs…. Perhaps look for a bookstore in your local town that caters to such things and go and speak to the people there about their experiences and how they went about finding their faith….

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8 Responses to “Can I become a witch?”

  1. tonya says:

    I’v tryed to ignore this for a long time ! i’v had a few dreams that have come seems like i pick up on bad things,just a wierd feeling,i knew for a while our dog{that we loved so much] was going to get killed,i tryed to push it out of my mind but it always came back,and i;ve had the same feeling about my dad,and it bothers me,but it;s not always quite that bad,i went to the doctor with my daughter,and i knew before we left that day day,something was going to happen to the car even though it had been running fine,sure enough we set waiting for some one to help us because the car would’nt start.thoughs just pop in my head like this from no where. and Very Often, i know i’m going to see someone[like at a store etc.] before i ever get there,i’m right 90% of the friends say every time they start to talk about me.I CALL,,should i ignore this ??? better yet,what;s going on..or am i crazy ??

  2. saeed ahmed says:

    I want to learn black magic can u pls help me?

  3. rosy anny says:

    I want to learn black magic too…………pls reply me

  4. A says:

    Hello madam,
    Myself mohd. asif.I am from bangladesh. I want to share some problems with you. some people are continously doing black magic on us and stopping all our works to be successful.
    I just found your website and found you help ppl a lot. I want to ask for some remedies how to get rid of these evil powers and how can I prevent myself form future attacks?

    I am 25 yrs old, we are a family of 3 my parents and myself, rest of the people of our family are in India.
    I am ready to pay any amount. please do reply me

  5. umar khayyam says:

    I am from India, kashmir. I am 32 yrs old. I want to know if this really works?
    can you do some miracle with witchcraft?
    I want to know more about witchcraft/
    R u a real witch?
    If so then would like to learn witchcraft from you.
    let me know how to reach you

  6. siltu says:

    i wish to be a witch

  7. Meghan says:

    hey, this is really weird, i am sitting out here on my back lawn and i got a feeling that it was gonna start pouring down rain and as soon as the thought went through my head it started pouring down rain. and also i started sing a song to mother earth and as soon as i said her name the wind picked up really fast and it started to wip my hair around my face and i’m just courious is that a good thing? oh and by the way i’m 13. and i wanted to know if i am witch material

  8. roy green says:

    hi rose ariadne i did what you toll me to do and i feel the magick in me come out into room i did thing you i will do it some .and now my grand mother was a witch on my dad side of the family

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