Can I cast a healing spell without knowing the persons name?

I have a question about a healing spell thing. in almost every spell, you’re reqired to write down the person’s name. what to do if you don’t know their name, or even what they look like?

This is a tricky subject, and one that I love to write about. The wiccan rede explains that we cannot work healing spells on any one person without their consent. That means you have to know the person you are trying to heal, be able to visualize their body as it is ( for cancer victims, for example) We can send out healing energy to the middle east, for instance, but it has to be well, vague. We can?t go around sending out healing energy to just anyone, because it takes away their right to choose, or free will. Very bad form. This stems from the knowledge that everyone chooses their own path, for whatever reason, and maybe the sickness is part of their karma. To heal it, you might send them backward to having to live that life all over again. Another thought on this is that you do not know if they are trying to heal themselves, through whatever methods they have chosen, and we can’t interfere with that, either. We also need to take a look at our motives for wanting to heal them. It sounds as if your heart is in the right place.

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  1. Brittany says:

    My boyfriend just found out that his friend has cancer last night. It hurt so bad to see him cry like that. I don’t know his name but do you think you can help?

  2. concepcion says:

    Brittany I am so sorry for the situation, but I can tell you that as far as I am concern you dont have to know some body’s name to be able to help. I studied long distance healing many years ago and our teacher will give us GENDER,AGE AND LOCATION, then we will have to do energy check on the person and note what his/her illments were, Is amazing what you can do if you have the right training and experience,I am sure that more than one of us is willing to help to do energy work with you to ease or even cure if THE POWERS OF BEING ALLOW IT! write to me [email protected] Blessed Be

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