Can I cast a spell on myself to become a femmenist?

I want to cast a spell on my self to be femmenist

Hi there dear, So, you are wanting a spell that you can cast on yourself to become a feminist? Maybe I am a bit confused by the request or not fully understanding what it is that you are wanting here – but I do not think one actually needs to work magic in order to become a feminist at all. Feminism and being a feminist is much more of a state of mind and an ideological belief than something that one just “becomes”… thus it really is not something that can just happen – regardless of the use of magic or not. It is more based in the way one looks at the world and how they believe things should and should not be. It is more about taking an egalitarian view of things in which all people are created equal, regardless of what gender they were born. It is about believing that when a man and a woman both are performing the same jobs that they should thusly receive the same pay. It is about knowing in your heart of hearts that despite thousands of years of patriarchy, that this is a new day and things not only can be different – but they intrinsically should be different. So unfortunately, no, I cannot give you a spell for this. What I can do is suggest doing a bit of research on the topic… possibly starting at your local library.

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