Can I cast a spell on someone for real?

can i casted a spell on someone 4 real

Hmmm, I’m guessing based on the net speak and grammar in this question that you aren’t quite a grown-up yet, right? That’s okay, it just means I need to think about this answer a little differently before I answer you. For real has a lot of different connotations as you get older. That means it can mean a lot fo different things. For example, as a teenager i was absolutely convinced that Santa claus was amde up. after all, your parents got you those presents, right? While there may not be a person named Kris Kringle who flies around the globe in one night and drops off presents, the truth is that Santa Claus is for real. The concept and the joy that he brings are as real as the house you live in and the floor you walk on. Magic is something similar. Some people call it the power of prayer and some call it coincidence. It is rarely spectacular and visible like a Harry Potter movie, but it is for real nevertheless. Magic happens when people believe. it can be so subtle that people who only believe what they see with their own eyes miss it. For example, my house is in a neighborhood that has recently been targetted by burglars. I cast a protection spell to make my house invisible to the bandits. Is my house literally invisible? No. But the bad guys just don’t see it as a place worth breaking in to. How do i know it works? The houses on either side of me and the house behind me have all been broken in to and no one has bothered my house at all. So, is magic for real? You betcha.

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  1. alie says:

    can i still be christian and wicca at the same time

  2. Kristi says:

    After five years, My boyfriends ex-wife is still being uncooperative and refusing to settle things ordered in their divorce papers. She is not a nice person and continues to make life difficult for us and thier 2 sons on a daily basis. I don’t wish her harm, just to get things over with and move on….or better, move away. Whatcan I do?

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