Can I change my wife’s attitude towards sex and her appearance?

I would like to have my wife, whom I love, to change her appearance and attitude towards s-e-x, to improve our homelife, is that possible?

The best way to get what you want is to be supportive of your wife and to try actually seducing her!

You don’t specifically say how you would like your wife to improve her appearance, but you should start by helping her feel better about herself. Generally speaking, woemn who have let themselves go are doing so because they are depressed. Help her feel better about herself and then she will take more of an interest in her appearance.

I would suggest that you buy her a nice gift certificate to a local spa or hairdresser. Get her a day to spoil herself, with a complete makeover or even just a massage. then, take her out somewhere for a nice dinner (or save money and make her dinner while she’s at the spa).

While it isn’t true for all women, a lot of the time, the reason a woman is not interested in sex is that she is ashamed of the way she looks. It’s hard to try to attract your husband if you don’t want anyone to see you naked. And, be very careful to be supportive of her efforts to improve her looks.

If she senses or flat out hears from you that you find her unattractive, chances are that she will have even less interest in sex or looking good for you. Finally, try to appeal to her interests all day long and you might find that she is suddenly more interested in sex as well. you would be surprised how many men ignore their wives or are cruel to them all day long and then wonder why their wives are unresponsive when they get affectionate at bed time.

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