Can I curse someone who hurt me?

I’m married my husband works abroad for 6 years, I fall out of love because of our differences Hes more on or closer than his mother than me. and i got in love with someone very very much with my same sex. She broke up with me last year May 2006 since then my life has never been the same. I can’t not accept her breaking of with me, but our relationship is not in the open. She says i’m her bestfriend, but she neglected me, i’m in pain until now, i want revenge infact. before i got married i already had relationships before with a same sex. I’m in pain full of anger, i even want to curse and even want her dead. i’m crazy about her that she easily get over our relationship, she easily recovered, i was left alone in pain so much pain. i want revenge .

I want to learn the power of reading minds and future. I want her to go after me as close friends forever. please help me

You need to cast a spell for healing on yourself and ask the Lord and Lady to help you through your pain.

Wishing to curse or even death on someone you claim to care about is wrong and violates the Wiccan Rede. The most basic principal of Wicca is to harm no one else. By wishing harm on her, you are inviting harm into your own life. I’m sorry that you feel she betrayed you and got over you too quickly, but that is not a valid reason to wish her harm.

Instead, pray for healing for yourself. Ask the Lord and Lady to restore love to your life and to forgive these horrible thoughts you’ve been having.

She says that she is your best friend, so talk to her about your pain. Explain to her how you’ve been feeling and ask her why she ended your relationship. Discuss with her the fact that she got over you so easily and ask her why she hasn’t been around. It may be that she wanted to remain your friend, but since you could not let her go, and wanted to continue being lovers, she may have needed to be away from you so that she could get over the relationship.

You need to respect her right to be in love with you or not. Right now, you are trying to force your will on her and that’s not right nor fair. Let her go and ask the universe to heal you.

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31 Responses to “Can I curse someone who hurt me?”

  1. greg says:

    Any type of atack towards a person always leads to the atacker getting hurt worse. It doesn’t matter who starts it and the atacker might not get punishment right away. The person you want to take revenge on is not worth it. The person is already on the road to paying the price whether you see it or not.

  2. graham says:

    How do I hurt ariadne? She destroyed my life many years ago and I want revenge on the bitch but don’t know how to make her suffer.
    Please advise.

  3. Mikhail says:

    Someone by the name of JERRY is hurting me I would like to put a curse on him.
    Thank you

  4. Richard says:

    I would like to place a curse on somebody who got my boss fired. I would like her to get back twice the pain she caused.

  5. Ifeanyi says:

    I think people have treated me so unfairly that i am considering placing a curse on them. I wonder if my frame of mind is not a curse already.

  6. snoopy says:

    I wanna put a curse for all the people who destroy my life! Please tell me what to do ?

  7. christian says:

    i want to put a curse on my ex she broke my heart i dont want her to be happy with anyone please help show me how to do it

  8. Yes, but it is unlikely that you would receive such information free of charge.

  9. lindsey says:

    This girl at school told lies to my friends saying that i told her when they talked aboout her. They wont even talk to me now and wont listen to MY story and they now hate me…being that school’s almost out(like 2morrow) i need to hurry and fix this beacuse idont want my 2 best friends to hate me for ever…

  10. bluberry says:

    A woman at work andrea swasbrook is a nasty person who lies and makes everyone unhappy.
    She tell lies and back stabs – she is a pet of the boss.

    We want her to leave the job or get fired asap since she lies and lies
    We curse her to leave us alone!

  11. Alli says:

    you know whats funny, i’m in the exact same situation as you, except for the part about being married, i had a best-friend who pretty much manipulated me for 5 years, we began to have a relationship, same sex i fell inlove with her, and she told me she was inlove with me too.. but she was just using me, and manipulated my feelings for her, and i couldn’t understand why?, i loved her very much, and i’m such a nice person..i couldn’t understand why anyone would do that to me, i still don’t. She just moved on very easily i’m still hurting very much, and i wanted revenge just like you, shes evil, and i wanted her dead to, i just wanted to curse her thats why i came on the site…but i just realized its not worth it…karma will bite her in the ass sooner or later for the people shes hurt over the years

  12. zongezile says:

    I hate my husband, i want him to suffer (curse)for what he has done to me and his family too. He lie about me…………. i hate him….

  13. Monno says:

    My friend has been going through alot, family problems, financial issues, and he feels like he’s cursed. He’s very talented, and he works his ass off for earning money. But somehow things keep going away from him. Recently someone put him on gunpoint and stole his phone. Today he said “i’m glad” after a very long time, and right after that it happened. He has very few happy moments in life. And I want the people who beat him up and stole his phone today to suffer. I don’t know who they are, but I want to curse them. And it’s not about the phone, the phone can go to hell. But they beat him up. And I mean, his life is already so bad, they made it worse, he want’s to die. He’s my life, I can’t stand anyone messing around with him.

  14. Dave says:

    I am in the middle of going through a divorce. I was in a 3 way marriage (me, my ex-wife, & ex-husband). She said for several months, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” I tried to work it out with her, but I called it quits with her in about mid November. She and her other husband are currently staying at a friends house. They left on Wednesday and never came back. This is not the first time they have just up and disappeared w/o notice. I am at the point where I want to place a curse on their relationship, but at the same time, I am not sure I want the karmic repercussions. I also guess that, based on her past history with men, she and her other husband only have maybe 2 or so years left with each other. Should I look into a curse on their relationship or just let them be? I ask this because I can’t stand the sight of either of them and I do NOT want their relationship to work.

  15. Nickey says:

    Dear all,

    An organisation which I feel they promise to provide suitable plastic surgery are greedy for money took an advantage on me and hurt me both physically and mentally. Can I reverse the harm on them and even the harm they put on other people like me? Do not want to harm other people but they should get back what they sent on people like me…perhaps the money they took from us turn into dust or bankrupt and they ll become unhappy with their appearance-dnt want to harm any1 but certain people deserve to get back what they sent.

  16. Anti - Lee Boon Yong says:

    i hate a bloody idiot called LEE BOON YONG, curse him to death

  17. Anti - Lee Boon Yong says:

    I declare Lee Boon Yong dead!

  18. ARL says:

    I have a neighbor who has a personal vandetta against me and is hurting my daughter to get back at me (my daughter is 4 years old).

    I heard her tell her daughter not to play with mine (she lives across the street and it’s like an echo chamber). This girl has been my daughter’s best friend since she was a year old and it breaks my heart to watch my daughter cry because she wants to play with her friends (this girl encourages others not to play with my daughter as well).

    I have tried every measure of goodwill. I even brought them a pineapple back from Hawaii. I have been nothing but kind and when I talk to her about it she gets defensive. Ironically, when my mother comes to visit her daughter comes over to play almost every day she is here. Can the universe fix this situation so that whatever this woman has against me she can take it out on me and not my precious little girl?

  19. Fred says:

    as a non sect believer I say sure, pay backs are a beeotch smite your enemies so no one will even think messing with you.

    But you are not.
    You have asked the question you know is a definite ‘NO’ for you.
    You feel its not right and thats why your asking and not already doing it (casting a negative spell).
    Fallow what your insides/heart tells you to do.
    You have to live with yourself.

    Hence one of the truest lines in life: be true to yourself

  20. Topeka says:

    I need to curse this guy named Juan Lopez, I have been dating him for a year and he raped my little sister and brought pain to me I want him to die please help

  21. BLD says:

    When it is raining find the footprint of your unrequited love and fill it in with graveyard dirt from some maniacs(or any other violent criminals) grave. After that turn the mud casting of the footprint over and under the dirt. Supposedly this person will die of unknown causes with there foot noticeably warped. You don’t really want to do this. If you love her let her go. Don’t stay friends it just hurts worse. If you have to hurt her, say I don’t want to be your friend anymore and cold shoulder her. Pretending someone is dead is far more hurtful to them than making them dead. IF you do that spell you had better setup a barrier with church nails or railroad spikes for they will be after you and jealous that you have used their secrets.

  22. I beleave in. This says:

    Hi my problem it’s the next in my country are a lot of this people spell caster or in spasnish say curanderos chamanes maleros santeros OK but in my country I never beleave in this but one time I have a big problem and I went all part for help but nothing help so but when the problem made very big I tried spell caster option in a reading card the spell caster told me many thing that in happening with me I started a spell and worked very well the guy was fired this guy always give many problem at work so then 8 month later I started another spell about a woman and worked very well the woman was my girlfriend nice but 4 I made a travel to EE UU in 4 year that I am living in this country I tried many many of spell caster don’t work ist trash people in Spanish and english stupid people that they don’t know nothing about the real spell caster I tr
    in this county is very diferent the spell only give you bad luck. Now I have a problem in my work with a woman and a guy I call to my country spell caster and they teld me that they can’t do nothin if I am not presen on the spell it’s impassible this is good spell caster people but but in this country is trash spell caster They always give you a prayer and you need to prayer every day and you tell to the evil diret is not good in my country after the card reading you pay for the result and almost 2 week and 6 week you see the result and work really work you don’t need to do nothing no prayer the spell caster do everything stupid American spell caster I am sure what I am telling I tried many times spel caster and nothing work nothing work stupid Mexican also they are the worst stupid service and lier

  23. Storm says:

    I know of one revenge spell I have personally never used it ….. Just be careful and think it through before you use this:

    You wil need 13 black candles 1 item belonging to your victim 1 cauldron and pepper.

    Cast a circle and place the candles in a crown.Sprinkle pepper around while chanting “To lock in hate, to lock out love, rage I must create, revenge I must think of” light the candles then hold the item tightly in both hands and visualise the victims face Channel all your hate into the object then say 3 times “Make(fill in name) see the hurt s/he brings me, make him/her feel the pain I feel.Remove the hate from my heart and all the pain s/he has brought me . Move it towards the less deserving all s/he has done s/he shall now see, I seek my revenge times three” Run the object through all 13 candles and light it on fire chanting “As this burns your pain shall now begin and all you bought me shall now end” When the object has burnt out close the circle.

  24. ivine chavez says:

    I wanted to give good lesson to my friend who betrayed us,This couple loves to make up things and create gossip to break a healhty , happy and good friendship. They keep doing it though they know that they hurt other people .I want to put curse for them to learn a lesson.A curse that no one will ever believe and trust them and no one will accept them to be a feriend.

  25. Kyle says:

    How do you ask the Lord and Lady to remove generational curses that have effect thru generations so I won’t suffer the mistakes of my ancestors?

  26. Kyle says:

    I really wish I had someone to talk to about all this but nobody is really interested in doing anything to remove this bad luck spiritually and it’s making me mad as hell since I have an idea of where it all started.

  27. Kyle says:

    Will suicide remove generational curses or does the curse follow me after death?

  28. Mai says:

    Kyle don’t do anything silly things are never as bad as you think please don’t even consider suicide phone Samaritans instead

  29. Avenged says:

    Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to understand so much approximately this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you could do with some % to power the message house a little bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  30. gaza says:

    i would like to curse 2 little people who distracted me ben than markets in ho che minh city
    saigion vietnam while the other little person emptied my wallet 0f 300 ausi dollars whitch chessed ne off know end .i hope you enjoy the money .im gona get you back
    you little people

  31. idiots says:

    LOL at the comments….you ppl are prethatic …I was looking up how to cus in different language and ended up this this hilarious site …get a life u ppl …u want revenge then u go deal with it personally instead of this stupid cowardly way…also learn to move on

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