Can I do love spells with Wicca?

The Wiccan Rede says you cant do any love spells on people because that’s called manipulating right? However, people keep saying its not and I’m confused? Who’s right and who’s wrong?

The Wiccan Rede clearly states that you should harm none, and, to me, manipulating
someone to be in love with you is most definitely harmful. In addition, you have
to remember that whatever you cast out will come back to you threefold. If you
cast a spell that will manipulate someone beyond his or her will, then you will
experience a series of events where others manipulate you.

That being said, I do have and use love spells in my life. There are different
types of love spells that can be used in magickal practice that do not manipulate
or change others. If you are single you can cast a love spell for a healthy
and satisfying relationship to come to you. The key difference here is that
you are asking for the relationship and not the certain person. All you are
requesting is the conditions of the future relationship and not the specific
person, place or time.

There are also love spells that you can do to make yourself open for love.
If you have any issues at all with love, or find that you continually have a
similar problem with relationships, there is a simple spell you can do to remove
this from your life.

Perform this during the Waning Moon (when the moon is past full and beginning
to become smaller). Set up your altar space, adding two consecrated light pink
candles on either side of the altar. These represent self-love and the love
you give out to the world. You�ll also need a bowl of water, a bar of
white soap and a towel. Start the ritual however you normally do, and then light
your pink candles. Think about what is holding you back personally from having
the relationships that you want. Think about any emotional fears you may have
to experiencing love on its deepest level. Once you�ve determined what
your issue is, wash your hands in the bowl of water with the soap and imagine
your emotional drawbacks being rinsed away into the water. You are now clean
and ready to accept true love into your life.

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