Can I do magic without interfering with my relationship with God?

if I do magic will it intefere with my relationship with god I strongly belive in god and love him very much ive recently been hering about all this magic it can help you gain money make somebody love you and all that I also heard that black magic is used by devil worshippers and white magic is used by christins is this true sence im christin do you think the best thing is to pray to god to get the 100 percent correct anser do you think I should pray to him to help me with money and other problems or will he not care and accept it and not consider it doing anything wrong or will he be mad and send me to hell sorry for asking this question I know you proboly get millions of messages a day and im not making it better but I just want to know

Ultimately, this is only a question you can answer, but yes, I know who Christians who believe in one true God and also believe in the power of magic.  If you beleive magic is sinful, then you should not do it, because you are doing something you believe to be wrong.  If you do not believe it is evil then you are not doing anything wrong.

Much of what Christians believe is personal interpretation. There are passages in the Bible that say witchcraft and fortune telling is evil; so it depends on if you believe the Bible as being literal. Personally, I believe some magic is evil and should not be practiced, but some is just fine.

If you believe in the power of prayer, as your question indicates, I would suggest that you pray about the question and go to a site called and look at their essays about witchcraft and Christianity. There are wise women there who argue that they believe you can do both.

In the end though, this is a discussion between you and God.  If you believe this is wrong, then for you, it is. If you believe it is okay, then God will not punish you for something that is not wrong. The decision is as personal as faih itself. No one else can tell you what you believe and what God wants from you. That, you have to hear from Him yourself.

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  1. Sammy says:

    In the Bible it says that if you practice witchcraft or sorcery that the Lord despises those who do it. If you are referring to telekinesis, then thats not magic or witchcraft. I’m a Christian who practices telekinesis and my relationship with God is very strong.

  2. Erwen says:

    About this, I wanted to say that I was in the same position. I would love to tell you a bit of my story and what I discovered. For Christians like myself, there is something to look for information about Goddess Sophia. Elder and First Christians believe in her. Mother of All and WISDOM (as the name meaning) of God. When God first says the WORD (another term for Sophia) then creates the world. Some still beleve in this though the modern church banned all this info and hid any proof. Many things of Early Christianity are to be looked intto a bit more. Explore what I tell you, you may find this info very important and maybe find it more relyable than the current church. We (Christians) may have a Godess as well. Forgotten but there.

    Sofia, a.k.a. Erwen

  3. djan daniel says:

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