Can I get a protection spell for enemies?

Can you tell me a White Mage Protection Spell from enemies?

Basically, this spell is an enactment of the results one desires, with candles standing in for the participants.

The main reason to perform this spell is to remove a bad person from a social situation such as the family or a work site. The degree of severity will depend on how wicked the “Perpetrator” is. This can be used in other religious — or completely non-religious — contexts, and with less severity, if circumstances warrant mercy. Variations arise because different folks have different reasons to work the spell.
As a rite, this spell uses a full range of spiritual supplies, but you can use just candles and Dressing Oils and you may substitute other ingredients as you see fit. Substitutions are explained below.


7 Purple Offertory Candles
1 Black Offertory Candle
1 White Cross Candle
1 bottle Fiery Wall of Protection Dressing Oil
1 packet Fiery Wall of Protection Sachet Powders
1 packet Fiery Wall of Protection Incense Powders
1 packet Fiery Wall of Protection Mineral Crystals
1 Saint Michael Archangel Holy Card
1 packet Graveyard Dirt
1 Whole Angelica Root


In addition to the items here, you’ll need a clean white handkerchief, a small square of tin foil, and a photo of the perpetrator or write his or her full name 9 times on a small piece of clean paper. If you don t know his or her name, write “The Evil One” 9 times on the paper.


Make the Fiery Wall of Protection incense powders into cones on an incense burner. Place the Graveyard Dirt in a china-ware saucer. Next, prepare the White Cross Candle for the Protectee. With a nail, carve the words “Saint Michael Archangel Protect Me [or the Proctectee s name].” Dress the Candle with Fiery Wall of Protection Dressing Oil. Dress the Angelica Root with the same Dressing Oil and place it at the base of the Candle.

Around the central Candle and Angelica Root, lay out a circle of Fiery Wall of Protection Sachet Powder. Now prepare the 7 Purple Guardian Candles by carving upon them the names of 7 protectors. These may be 7 Saints, 7 people such as family members or co-workers, or 7 officials such as the Police, Fire Department, Child Protective Services, etc. — or any combination. Dress the 7 Purple Guardian Candles with Fiery Wall of Protection Dressing Oil. Place them in a circle on the circle of Sachet Powder that goes around the cross Candle. Sprinkle them with a little powder. Place the Saint Michael Archangel Holy Card among them.

Finally, prepare the Black Perpetrator’s Candle. With a nail, carve his or her full name (or the “The Evil One”) on it on one side and the words “Keep Away” or “Get Away” on the other side. Do not dress this Candle. Place it off to one side, outside the circle of Candles, on top of his photo or name-paper. Place the saucer of Graveyard Dirt next to his Candle.

Light the Candles in this order: The Purple Guardians first, then the White Protectee within the circle, then the Black Perpetrator’s Candle far outside the circle. Light the incense. While it burns, say out loud your prayer or wish for protection and call upon Heaven for aid. Ask for the intercession of Saint Michael Archangel, who guards Heaven with a sharp, cutting sword, and enjoin him to protect the one who needs protection with Seven Guardians, whether they be Guardian Angels or Human Guardians (including the Police, if you think this will be necessary).

Let the Candles and incense burn until the black Candle is half-burned. Then pick that Candle up and hold it in your hand. Take the perpetrator’s photo or name-paper and lay it on the saucer of Graveyard Dirt . Set it on fire with the perpetrator’s own black Candle and say, “Let your evil self be your own undoing!” When the paper has burned, turn the perpetrator’s Candle upside down and extinguish it in the Graveyard Dirt and say, “Let your evil works be your ending!”

Allow the rest of the Candles to burn until they go out. Gather up the Angelica Root , some Sachet Powder, and the Saint Michael Archangel holy card and wrap them tightly in the tin foil, making a small packet. Tie the packet up in the white handkerchief with four knots. Dress it lightly with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil. To protect yourself, carry the packet on you; to protect your home, place it by your front door, to protect someone you love, give it to them to carry.


Take the left-over materials (melted wax, nail, and so forth) and the saucer of Graveyard Dirt containing the perpetrator’s ashes and his extinguished Candle and carry them to a graveyard and throw them against a grave stone, being sure to break the saucer as you throw this mess. Don’t say a word; just turn and walk away home and don’t look back.
When you get home and everything is all put away and cleaned up, dissolve the Fiery Wall of Protection Crystals in water as a floor wash and wash down your home, while you recite the 37th Psalm (“Fret Not Thyself With Evil-doers…”) 37 times. You may also use them in your bath

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  1. *no name* says:

    rofl spells? r u kidding me u ppl need to get a life and stop believing in this crap…

  2. the wandering magus says:

    This is an interesting question. However, after reviewing the spell description, I noticed it seems only to work if the enemy is known. What spell would work for general protection against both the physical, mental and magickal harm, if the enemy is unknown? For instance, if I know I will inevitably be wandering into a place with practitioners from various spiritual communities, and am bound in some way to insult someone, inciting him/her/it to place some sort of curse or hex on me. How would I protect against a threat of which I might be unaware? Please email me a response at [email protected]

  3. louise says:

    hi its louise again ,im afried i dont have all of that but is there anything else i could use for this spell

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