Can I have a money spell?

how do you do simple, but super successful money spells?

Hello there my dear, There is no such thing as a get rich quick spell – at least one that does not have very negative consequences that most sane people would never be willing to pay…. What I can offer you is a realistic spell that will help attract wealth to you – assume you are willing to get out there and help it help you…. A Spell to Attract Wealth This spell draws on the element of air in order to attract money to the caster. You will need: A square of green cloth Allspice Borage Lavender Saffron Three silver coins Now put the coins and spices in the square of cloth. Tie four knots into the gold thread and four knots into the silver thread. Use this knotted thread to tie together the four corners of the cloth into a makeshift pouch. Put the pouch in a safe place %u2013 preferably a cool, dark area %u2013 and leave it there for eight days. If by then, some extra money has not found its way to you, then perform the ritual once more %u2013 as well, like with all magic, it may take time to see (and be aware of) the results.

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