Can I learn black magic?

I would like to learn black magic if you are my tutor i will be happy, actually i dont belief in black magic i need to be prove black magic to my soul that is any realistic black magic i have to do and i just recognise this is true if it is true i will be happy to join with you


What are you thinking of when you say that you want to learn black magic? Are you simply wanting to learn powerful magic or are you truly seeking out the evil that is black magic?

Honestly, I think you are confused. You say you don’t believe in black magic and that if I tutor you and prove it exists, you will join us.

If you are looking for an entrance into the black arts, you are looking in the wrong place. This is a place of love and light designed to help people. Black magic is neither helpful nor loving. If you are looking to learn magic, then the first thing you need to learn is the difference between good and evil magicks, white and black.

Having said that, while we try to teach people how to use magic to help one another and accomplish good things, any magic can become black magic if its intent is evil. Something as simple as casting a good luck spell on someone could be considered black magic if you did it with evil intent.

The most basic definition of black magic is magic performed with the intent of doing harm. While some people accidentally cause harm with their magicks because they do not understand the power of the spell they are working with, practitioners of black magic deliberately try to hurt other people.

If that is what you intend, you will find no help for it here.

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  1. rani says:

    thanks for ur advise rose… please join me as your student so tat i can learn black magic that i’ll do my best ..for about five years i had been waiting for this i’m very eager to learn from which i can help others.i’m asure tat i’m not commit any mischeives or i dont create any hurting things to other for my own…

  2. Pauline says:

    Please Rose, can you teach me black magic?

  3. faiza says:

    hi i need ur help u if u could give me ur telephone number i ll be really great full to u i want to learn black magic.

    promise not to harm anyone

  4. harmony says:

    hi rose im wanting to get into magic good magic to make mine and my childrens life better how do i cast spells that work and tell a good witch from a bad,and how do i make book of shadows plz help thanx x

  5. beeharry anand says:

    Hi, Rose i am in financial problem. can u help me? i really need money. i have only 2weeks.

  6. dear sir, i have ancient manuscripts of black magic manuscripts.those books are in sanskrit, modi [ancient marathi script] & prakrut.these books are having greatest black magic as ever seen.if you are interested please e-mail me.

  7. Angel of love says:

    Dear rose
    you are my teacher so please teach me some miracal.
    I beleave in black magic.
    Please send me everyday black magic learning chapter by sending email to my id.

  8. john says:

    i believe that black magic exist cause it is written in the bible!but in this site it’s only money talk useless…

  9. chris says:

    hi rose. I want to learn everything about white and black magic. Can you tell me where i can learn everything including summoning my inter power?

  10. tia says:

    Hello, i would like to learn how to cast spells, and learn the basic of magic to see it if it would be helpful to pull my family together physically, financially and emotionally. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks in advance.

  11. moonlightstars says:

    Well your answer is there is a dark side. it depends on rather you beleve in it or not some clame that it is all the bad things in the world like….. Death.. But even death has its bright sides.. If you die it means you will live again. Well i would not blame you for wanting to get even….. But you need to learn about both sides b4 you try the blackmajik. What you send out unto the world will come back unto you…

  12. Robin says:

    hi,i have been going through your posts and questions and what not,and this one really caught my my opinion and this is just my opinion,to me i dont think there is such think as black or white majik there is simply a neutral majik that many people can choose to take it to a dark place or light place.a good example would be love spells,all in all an ok subject but it can be made into black majik when made to impair someone elses emotions and judgement,but a good kind of love spell would simply to make your self more noticeable….but then again im only 18 what do i know

  13. Jasmine says:

    Heyy sweetie ,,

    I’ve got no luck ever so is my mother and ost of my family and i always get hurt by the closist people to me i want to lean magic to help my self my family and people who need help and t know who’s right and who’s wrong
    i think i ot the ability to be a magician
    thank u sweetie i hope u answer my request soon

  14. keith says:

    i want to know how to do things like this…still, i dont know if ill end up being a bad witch….i dont know myself…but im willing to give it a try…

  15. keith says:

    i want to do this for the people i cher9isah and protect the most.. pls tell me how…

  16. yeah says:

    Can everyone perform this?
    Give me a sign if this is real?

  17. orion says:

    hey my name is orion (oh-ryan) nd i want to learn black magic to enchant thing or try alchemy i kno im not worth it but if this could happen it would be awesome i have skills but i dont think i want to use them cause im afraid im going to hurt someone if u got questions or an answer please email me

  18. orion says:

    if u want to kno my story email me cause i got one bad story (not sure evil)

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