Can I learn to use witchcraft through your program?

Hi there Rose. I’ve been hovering about your sites for a couple of weeks now, after stumbling across you in my search for some decent information. I find your “Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft” academy in a box product very intriguing. Though the advertising is very similar to many of the other sites out there. I would like to know, what it is that makes your ‘secrets’ the right choice, over all the other people offering comparable promises in powers and successful magic. Another thing I find interesting about your product is that you discuss your grandmothers Book of Shadows, and her trunk of “ancient” knowledge. However, after looking through many of your blogs and your “ask Rose” website, I found that most of your information is heavily entrenched in Wicca. Which brings to me a few questions. First, is the material you discuss on your open forum sites different to the stuff you sell, or is your product largely wiccan based too? Wicca, is not an ancient religion. Being founded by Gerald Gardener in the 1940′s. Though it claims to be based on beliefs of ancient religions and (this is true to a degree) it seems that with the progression of Wicca, the true art of the witches has slowly been corrupted, diluted and weakened. This is not to say that Wicca is without it’s merits, I just wanted to know if your product has true ancient wisdom or if it is the white fluffy wisdom of the Wiccan movement? I hope I don’t sound harsh in my questioning, I would really just like to find some honest knowledge in the world. Apart from the increasing difficulty in finding true wisdom, is the difficulty in finding people who understand it, and can teach it. I’m hoping you may be able to change that. Also, do I need to practice Wicca, in order to use your product and learn from it? I find these days, that it is becoming increasingly difficult, almost to the point of impossibility, to find the separation between Witchcraft, the hidden art, and Wicca the religion. I have tested Wicca, it did not Gel with me. I am not disputing it’s worthiness or value, but it does not feel right for me. However Witchcraft is something that has always been in my life. My mother used to teach me things when I was younger, but she died when I was 7. So the basic gist of this paragraph is just to ask, if I can use your program to learn WITCHCRAFT, have success in magic and remain free from the Wiccan world, of the Lord and Lady and the fluffy white light perspective? I have had some experience with spells and such, but I only perform them out of the heat of the moment so to speak, and I never practice out of spell books or any openly published works. I found wicca clouded this occasional arising of certainty in what to do, as well as the success these moments brought. Wicca was not the only thing that did not work for me. I tried Hermeticism. I tried Sorcery. I even worked in high magic, and had great success with Goetic Spirits. However while I may have experienced success in certain aspects and various facets of the different paths, I never felt truly fitted to any of them. Even if your program is Wiccan witchcraft, is there any advice that you could offer me to assist with this life mission I have been trying to explain to you? I just want to have something to leave to my kids. The sort of thing that my mum didn’t leave to me. My quest for knowledge thus far has been long and bearing little fruit. I have read the testimonials, but I have no verification of them and I do not know the people. I’m sorry for my skepticism, I wish I could be more trusting, but I really do need to ask you these questions. I hope your answer may open my eyes. Thanks for your time. Jason.

Merry Meet Jason, After reading your message, I can see that you are very eager to get at the “Truth” as you see it. Of course, what you say is true. There are many ways of expressing our inner beauty, power and faith and the best way to express it is to live it. It is unfortunate that you lost your mother at an early age. However, I am sure that it feels like her spirit is still within you. Yes, you will find that “Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft” has no strict and firm rules about how you go about practicing it. If you see anything you are not comfortable with, you can always choose not to use that information. Wicca is a religion which reveres all things in nature. This includes our own gut instincts, of course. The only way to live is by celebrating the ONE within us. Wicca became a “religion” only because in this world of cut throat religious fanatics, there was a need for unity with all cultures that practiced Witchcraft. You may know that even today, innocent people are persecuted in many countries for practicing witchcraft. The only way to preserve our way of life was to gather and create a religion that would slowly get accepted all over the world. In Wicca, the only rule is that you don’t hurt anyone while practicing witchcraft. There are no other rules! So you are free to practice all the spells, rituals, celebrations, recipes, etc in “Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft” without calling upon the Lord or the Lady. Many of us call upon some form of energy like the Moon Goddess or the Sun God so that we can harness that energy and use their powers for our benefit. However, if you can hone your skills and strenghten your mind, body and spirit, you may not need any help from other entities. It is just you and the Universe at work here. So try your own way of Witchcraft with all the information you gather. With an eager mind such as yours, it is only a matter of time before you become adept at it and ready to teach others. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. lorraine says:

    hi rose i have been reading your emails and find them very interesting. something strange is happening at my house my toy poodle max is sitting and howling in the same exzact place where my husband passed away two yrs ago my husband was 72 and died from pancratic cancer can this be because a very sad thing happened in that space? this has been going on for 3 weeks what can i do ?

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