Can I levitate things?

what are the spells to levitate things without a wand

Hello there my dear, I think you are confusing the concepts of magic with those of prestidigitation… or as it is more commonly called, stage magic. Stage magic is all about deception, misdirection, and illusion. It is meant to entertain and amuse and leave people with a light hearted sense of wonder and awe, while at the same time making them question and peak their curiosity. And really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I love a good stage magic show as much as anyone… whether it is someone like Penn and Teller catching a bullet or a busker out on the mall pulling doves from his hat. There is a lot of fun to be had with that type of illusory entertainment. However, that is not the type of magic that I, or other witches of the faith, practice… at least most of us don’t. I suppose there might be a few that practice both types of magic… but that is somewhat beside the point that I am making here…. The type of magics that I discuss here are much more about focusing and channeling the energies of the universe into a productive and beneficial manner that will, hopefully, aid either yourself or another in some endeavor upon which you are engaged upon or striving towards. And so entreating those energies for such trivial parole tricks would be careless and thoughtless at best… and very potentially dangerous at worst.

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  1. Theanphropy says:

    There are a few methods, one is to start by punching out candle plames, your fist should finish its motion about 15cm from the wick, no closer. Also as you breathe in see and feel your breathe enter you, revitalize you, the as you exhale and punch, see the waste energy of yoyr body flow through your arm like water in a hosepipe, and out through the fist. If you feel weak after, your wasting essential energy and need to visualize the energy looping back into your fist after you have finished punching.
    2) Command GODs angels to do your bidding.
    3) Pray for miraculas powers, then everyday, like exercise see your energy and mind energy extend from your body like a wall of concentrated air, and encompass that which you will to move. Start of with light things, like candle flames, then matches, and then pennies etc. If you misuse this gift there will be dire consequances. It is best used gently in healing prayers for example.

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