Can I make a genie serve me?

I saw a film about sorcerers and they created a servant to serve them, like a Genie. Can you creat a magickal servant by magick with a spell? If you can Tell me please. Where can I get free witchcraft or magical spell book to be downloaded? If you know tell me the website please?

Hello there my dear, One should generally avoid believing everything they see in movies. While films are often great fun and very entertaining, they rarely are indicative of real life and the manner in which things really work. What are the best books concerning the Wiccan religion? Well, that is quite a subjective question to say the least. This is partially because it is a matter of personal taste and partially because what might be best for one person might not be best for another. For example, someone just starting out in the practice might require a volume written to one level of comprehension, whereas for a polished practitioner, the same book may seem a bit simple and repetitive given what they may already know and thus be bringing to the table. For the most part though, the people who are asking after what the best books are tend to be those that are relatively new to the faith and thus are still looking to find their footing and who are making sure that Wicca is a proper fit for them – both spiritually and intellectually. So, for the most part I would recommend the books of Silver RavenWolf. She is published by Llewellyn and her books are generally written in a very friendly, accessible manner that serves to explain the various facets of the religion in very digestible terms and concepts. This is not to say that her works are not well thought out or informative either… just that they are written in such a way that most beginners can easily engage with the material. I would very strongly suggest, “To Ride a Silver Broomstick” to anyone who is looking to find out more about what it means to really be a witch….

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  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    The closest thing to a “genie” is probably what chaos magicians call a servitor. It is essentially an artificial spirit created by a magician to go out into the world and accomplish a specific task. I’ve created them myself and they do work.

    The problem with creating servitors as a beginner is that your servitors are only going to be as magically powerful as you are – actually slightly less so. If you’re just starting out on the path you probably want to stick with the basics for awhile while you build up your magical abilities.

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