Can I make a suitor go away?

well i have been dateing south african guy whom in my powers have seen to be bad that all hed is after is my money and not love and decent now i need powers two stop him from coming the relationships is over and no longer wishing to see him anymore and just wishing to be lefted alone

Hello there my dear, That is most unfortunate indeed. I am assuming that you have spoken to this individual directly about the fact that you no longer wish for his attentions and that the relationship is indeed now a thing of the past? If not, then that should, of course, be your first recourse and route of action. Assuming that you have done that and he has refused, for whatever reason, to take the not so subtle hint that it is time for him to move on, then perhaps there is a spell I can suggest to you: A Spell to Return Unwanted Attention At some point or another most of us attract the attention of someone we would rather not. If they seem slow to take the hint, this spell should help in speeding things up. Cast it three days or three nights in a row when the moon is waning. This spell is best cast outside, but if this is not possible it can still be performed indoors as well. As this spell involves fire, it should always be performed with great care. You will need: Vervain leaves (Fresh is better, but dried leaves will work also) A well-stoked fire Consecrate the wood or coal before lighting the fire. When it has taken, throw the vervain onto the flames, calling out the name of the person you would like less attention from as loudly and with as much passion as you can muster. Follow the name with these words, which should also be said with passion: %u201CI want you not ever, I need you not ever, Leave my life now, And come back never, And let it be done, that it harm no one.%u201D Spend a minute or two trying to see the person%u2019s face in the smoke of the fire and watch it waft away from you %u2013 never to return.

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