Can I make money with Wicca?

Can I Make a Lot of Money With it.


You cannot expect to practice Wicca and suddenly have all your dreams come true and have more money than you know what to do with.

Wiccans do not practice the Faith for personal gain. To cast spells on yourself for personal gain is to do it with the wrong motivation (greed) and the Universe will reward you with something far different than what you have asked for.

That’s not to say that some people don’t make money via their connection to the craft. I have a dear friend who owns a New Age Bookstore. She makes a living helping people connect with their spiritual side, but her car is more than 20 years old, her house is paid for and her pets are fed. The Universe takes care of her and even rewards her for her deeds, but she did not start the store thinking it would make her rich. She started the store becuase there was no resource for Wiccans or Pagans in our Bible Belt community.

She also suffers for her beliefs, knowing that many people denegrate her and her store because she is a practicing Wiccan. She will never be rich becuase of her store, but the Universe provides because she approached it with the right motivation.

Another Wiccan friend makes a solid livign running her own business, but she does not advertise her Faith to her customers, unless they ask, because she would likely lose customers if she did. Both of these lovely ladies provide a community service and are provided for, in part, because of their Faith, but they both approached it with the right attitude.


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2 Responses to “Can I make money with Wicca?”

  1. Katie says:

    Yes I’m curious with the Wiccan society I find that I’m connected to the planet and when i did a find your true beauty spell i felt hot, dizzy, and got a headache afterwards but felt happy and in control of my life. Does Native American Indian Totem animals aka thunderbird,bear,wolf. Can they be uses as a wiccan spiritual guide?

  2. dijah says:

    you see i get your point but what if you are living poorly and is barely making it? you are struggling yet you want a little help and nothing is set out there thats helping you and its really hard? thats my situation…i have a brother who cant sit down for nothing and is very nasty to my mother…if we had some money to put food in the fridge that would be nice or to have my brother stay koo from 9 pm on out and go to bed on time so my ma could probably have a decent job because thats all i ask for…am i asking too much? is that still greed?…im not trying to get rich just survive….move into a real house with a decent job for my ma…a more peaceful brother and…yea..not much of a money thing

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