Can I perform magick if I am a Christian?

rose i really like your blogs. i am a christian by nature and im really interested in magick. i dont believe in the pagan religion. i dont believe in gods and godesses other than the holy trinity. however i do believe in magick and energy in the planets,the moon and various spirits. so based on my beliefs is it possible for me to perform magick?

Merry meet seeker, It is wonderful to hear from someone who is curious and knows what he wants. The fact that you are a Christian will not interfere with your believe in magick and the energy of the Cosmos. It doesn’t matter what our religion is; whether you are Hindu or a Muslim or Christian, you will have no problem using your mind. The only difference in Wicca compared to other religions is that Wicca considers deities as energies similar to our own. That means equality. All deities are considered pure energy that is comparable to ours. For example, we can invite any energy, the trinity, God, Goddess, the five elements Air, Sky, Water, Earth and Spirit to our sacred space to assist us in our endevors. However, the are considered friends and equals rather than the Know-it-All divine entities that many other religions created to control others. You can certainly sharpen your mind and use it to create your future and your dreams without even bringing any deity into the picture. So religion has nothing to do with witchcraft. However for the purpose of legality and freedom to practice, Wicca is considered a religion. Wicca is witchcraft, the most basic, pagan religion in the world. I am not sure why you don’t believe pagan religion. It is what was around for milleniums after the Earth was born. Pagan religions are nature based and acknowledges that all people are the same all over the world. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Edward Johnson says:

    The Godess and the God have performed so much Magick on my behalf, to think of Magick without them would seem so lonely.
    Having Their presence in my life is such a gift.
    Without them I would feel forsaken in this world.

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