Can I practice Wicca and smoke weed?

Can i pratice wicca and smoke weed ?

I cannot advocate doing anything illegal, liking smoking weed, but I can tell you that if you live somewhere that marijuana is legal, there is nothing in the Wiccan religion against it.

However, if you are trying to use the relgion to justify it, try again.

Wiccans believe that things provided by the earth can help us in our daily journey, but we do not use “medicinal herbs” the way some other religions might. When it is not contrary to the law, Wiccans use whatever herbal remedies and gifts of he earth to their advantage. But Wiccans do not break the law in the name of religious practice.

There is nothing in the practice of Wicca to require or even suggest that smoking marijuana is going to make your worship more effective or your spells any more powerful. Using it for personal reasons is not forbidden, but it is not endorsed either.

In short, the decision to smoke or not is up to you. It has nothing to do with the exercising of the faith and the practice of witchcraft.

It is also a bad idea to be high while casting spells or performing rites. Rituals and spells require a clear mind and strong concentration. While smoking during things rites is not expressly forbidden, it will likely distract you and keep you from performing up to your potential.

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4 Responses to “Can I practice Wicca and smoke weed?”

  1. cody says:

    hi, ive been a wiccan for two years now. And i have to say all the people i know, including myself, that pratice wicca smoke marijuana. Ive been smoking for four years. So ill say, its your choice to use or not to use, because marijuana is a herb not a drug. It is a part of nature.

  2. juan says:

    if you smoke weed and cast a spell u are more powerful because wen u smoke u are high and in a diff frequency and if you use that you can concentrate and meditate and you are closer to the magickal world and you can just go places in ur mind u never thought

  3. arwan says:

    As a wiccan of 11 years and pot smoker for 14 I find it good for meditation a spell work but I find it odd that many seem to think to use it u must be “high” I don’t recomen doing any thing completly anibreatid you wouldn’t do a ritual completly drunk would atleast I hope not.

  4. Savannah says:

    I have been a pot smoker longer than I have a wiccan, and when I first started practicing the craft I was told I could not smoke and be a witch at the same time. So I was torn between two things I loved. I later on realized that I could do both. When I preform rituals or circles I never am high at the same time. Because, I agree you need a clear mind but I have head splitting migraines to often and find my self troubled to get through even the smallest rituals, so I sometimes smoke a little just to help calm my mind, but not enough to cloud it.

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