Can I practice Wicca while homeless?

I have one problem with all this and that is I am homeless and live Out of my car what do I do?

I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. However, this may be the time that you need your faith the most and should be asking the universe for assistnace.

You should begin by asking the universe for the strength to look at your life and see what you can be actively doing to improve your situation. Obviously, with your situation, you do not need to be buying supplies to cast spells. However, it is perfectly legitimate to cast your spells without materials, given the circumstances.

Once you have examined what you can do to improve your situation, the next step is to relinquish control of the things that you cannot change to the Universe and look for the opportunities that will present themselves.  Sometimes, the Universe will require us to humble ourselves and ask for assistance before offering it to us.

The next step will be to watch for and accept the assistance that the Universe gives. When we are expecting assistance in a particular form, it can be both frustrating and hard to recognize when the assistance comes in another manner. For example, we may be expecting to find a perfect job and instead be offered a nice place to live and still not know how we are going to pay the bills.  The key to finding a way to get through is to be open to the opportunities offered to you.

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  1. Russ says:

    As a religion, witchcraft is an expression of faith and can be practiced anywhere, even from the car you call home.
    However, as a representative of your faith (Wicca)using spells to locate jobs, appartments or other housing, romantic relationships, etc. Can speak louder as to the “Goodness” of your religion, than any words you could possibly come up with. So, My personal response is “Yes, you can use witchcraft even if you are homeless.” I would even go so far as to say you really should. Both for your own benefit, and for the benefit of the religion.

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