Can I switch bodies?

Hi, Is there a Spell that can perform a Soul Switch / Body Swap between me and my boyfriend, So that I will be him and he will be me, as we really do feel as if we are trapped in the wrong bodies now and that we should be each other. Thank You for your time Aleah

Can you change your sex via magic? The answer to that would most certainly have to be, “Sorry… but no.” That really is not what magic is intended for or how it should really be used. Let me explain a bit…. Magic is not like they generally depict it to be in television shows or on the silver screen. Magic is not about flash and flare. Magic is not about slinging hexes and shooting lightning bolts or flying on broomsticks Magic is not about gross physical transformations – be it into a beast, or another person, or what have you. Pretty much if you have seen it on Charmed or read about it in Harry Potter, then it is not really what magic is about at all…. That is not to say that those shows or books are bad. In fact, I enjoy them quite a bit… but just like people cannot really fly like Superman and just like hookers do not look like Julia Roberts and get swept off their feet by Richard Gere… these are just works of fiction meant for our entertainment and amusement. They are not meant to be taken literally or used as guides as to how things really are…. So, if you are genuinely interested in changing your sex, I would suggest that you thoroughly think the matter through and do as much research into the procedure as you possibly can. At that point, if it still seems like the appropriate option for you, then I would suggest seeking out a qualified physician and taking the next step in that manner….

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8 Responses to “Can I switch bodies?”

  1. kevinjuttun says:

    how can I switch into another person body
    what is the word I should say

  2. shabraskia says:

    i wanted to know can you switch souls like switch a girl soul into a boy soul

  3. Reyhan Rizaldi says:

    please tell my spells to switch body…….please i need it’s………thank you mrs.Rosa

  4. Jimmy says:

    My gf likes girls, and i like men, but we date hopinh one day there will be a procedure to switch out brains, we did a psychology thing, like hypnotism, and we made love, and we felt like we were the other gender, she thought she was in my body, same with me feeling like i was in hers.

  5. Kyarrah says:

    I know what my body looks like and this isnt it.i meed help getting it back but i cant find her i cant even remember what my last name is please help

  6. moiii says:

    how can i switch my body in a girl that i know

  7. Emily says:

    Hi Austin,

    How did you manage to swap the bodies? Do you use any types of spells?

  8. Emily says:

    Looks like there is no one who is able or has done it before.

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