Can I use any statue on my altar?


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This is a really good question, but the way. I am not sure what you mean by “any” statue, so let me clarify the use of statues on an altar for you.

When you construct your altar, you can choose to either use a statue or not. In truth you can use different statues for different rituals. Very much like accessorizing! :) You can also use more than one statue at a time, should you so require.

So, please allow me to guide you a little on this one.

If you have a deity with whom you have a special affinity, like Artemis or Isis or Venus or even Kali, you can place your special deity’s statue on your altar in a permanent position as a primary statue. For now, let us assume that you do have a special deity, that She occupies a permanent position on your and that She is the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis.

You can add an additional statue from time to time to support or enhance your ritual. Examples: If you plan to do a spell during ritual which requires manifestation of will and the spell is an earth spell, you can use Merlin. If you want to do a spell that enhances your love life, you can add a statue of Venus.

Here are the guidelines on statues:

1. Don’t add more than one statue in addition to your primary statue at once. Less is more, they say and when practicing magick it is a good idea to avoid clutter. Clutter in the eye causes clutter in the mind and clutter of intent.

2. Make sure that the statue you choose as a permanent fixture or, in other words, as a primary statue on your altar is representative of that deity with whom you have the greatest affinity. The purpose of a primary statue is to make deity tangible and to bring Him or Her closer to you.

I hope that this advice is helpful.

In Love and Light and with the Brightest of Blessings!




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