Can I use the magic from the Charmed show?

Hi greetings I was wondering are there any spells out there or have you personally come across any that can let us live forever or be given eternal youth Do you know where to look for these spells i have been searching the web for almost 2 years and i have not got any answer I have been watching the movie charmed and i was wondering whether we can use those spells that they use in the movie and try to cast them will it work or they are just some poetry also i have notice the witches don’t have the practice of circle casting they just cast the spell as and when they like no astrological coresspondence herbs candles phases of the moon can we do that too will our spells work if we just cast without circle casting or anything like in the movies I have written spells and i think they are just plain poetry I was wondering is there a spell out there that when i just recite the incantation it will sort of activate means my spells would no longer be plain poetry they are real they have power and the desired effect would happen once I read them

Magic never allows us to defy nature, such as living forever.  it can help you live healthier, longer lives, but witches believe there is a circle of life, just like Simba and Mufasa did in The Lion King.

So why am I comparing witchcraft to a Disney movie?  Becuase it is very similar to comparing to “Charmed”.  The writers of the television show Charmed had a lot of knowledge about witchcraft and Wicca and they wove it into the fabric of the fiction that they created on the show.

That is part of the reason people have so much trouble understanding that Charmed is not real.  Another part is that people really want to believe that there are three beautiful women out there who were living ordinary lives and woke up one day to be among the most powerful beings on the planet. It’s a modern fairy tale.

But no, Cinderella, there is no glass slipper and there is no real magic in the words that Paige, Piper, Phoebe and Pru cooked up on the show. The real power of magic comes in the rites, the casting of the circle and grounding and the belief in it. Spells can be written by an individual witch or passed down thrugh the generations. Regardless, it is the belief in them and the energy poured into them that gives them power. The sappy little rhymes on television wee just silly make blieve and nothing will change that.

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