Can magic get my ex- back?


“HOW CAN I GET MY X BACK I REALLY LIKE HIM ALOT ALOT AND I DONT NO WHY WE BORK UP” I am going to guess that you are asking me if there is some way, using magic, to get your ex-boyfriend back – as you broke up and you really like him a lot. If that is not the question, well, you will have to forgive me then and just bear with me anyway. So, the short answer is that, “No… there is not some spell or magical means by which to get your boyfriend to come back to you,” or, at least not any that I, or any other practitioner of white magic, would ever employ. You see, the core tenet of Wicca is that you harm no other. Well, what you are suggesting would be taking away the free will of your ex-boyfriend and making him be with you against his will. And well, no matter how you slice it, that kind of forceful coercion is always going to be hurting someone. So, instead of looking for some way to force him to be with you, I would instead suggest that maybe you might want to go and talk with him and try to figure out what was wrong within your relationship that caused it to end in the first place. From there you can make an informed decision as to if it is something that the two of you might be able to work through.

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3 Responses to “Can magic get my ex- back?”

  1. D says:

    I want my ex back what do i have to do and how can you help me?

  2. I dated a guy for 2 years but broke up 4 years ago we have always been in contact. I completely feel like we are soul mates as he does to and says it. I just moved back from AZ two weeks ago we hung out one night had a great night it was like old times.. but now he hasn’t called and told me he wants to be single.( he just got out of a long relationship and just moved out of her place last weekend) Tell me what should I do? I know time is the best thing but this doesn’t feel right not being in contact any more.

  3. elina says:

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