Can magic help me find true love?

Will magick please me to find true love

A Spell with No One Particular in Mind This spell should be cast by those looking for true love, but who have no one in particular in mind as to whom they wish to be with. This spell should be cast out of doors, beside a stream, creek, or river. You will need: Rose petals from a living, wild rose You should make certain to approach the rose with reverence and ask its permission before removing its petals. Once you have done this and collected several petals, be sure to thank the rose for its generosity. As you are plucking the petals, visualize someone who has all the qualities that you feel would be necessary in an ideal partner. These may include humor, generosity, compassion, or whatever else that you may truly believe to be keys to a happy relationship. (Note that holding up superficial values will no doubt spoil the spell). Take the charged petals to the stream, creek, river, or other moving body of water, holding them cupped in your hands as you approach and again visualizing the qualities that you are seeking in a partner. Then, let the leaves drop into the water one at a time, saying the following as each touches the water: “As this bloom is taken downstream, May I find the love of which I dream, And let it be done, that it harm no one.”

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