Can Magic Help Me?

Hi Rose! My name is Natalia, and I have several questions about Magick. First of, there is this house giveaway sweepstakes, and I would like to win it, how could I incorporate magick to guarantee that I will win that sweepstakes? Also, our family is in a VERY bad financial situation, kinda like your friend that you spoke about in explaining your course, so you see, both my parents are unemployed, and would like to bother get tenour-track jobs vy specialty for $100,00-$200,00 a year at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas(UNLV), I have tried the palm butter-banana spell, but it didnt work, so what spell, and what procedure should I use to make that happen? Thank you for your time and attention. Blessed Be, Natalia

Hello there Natalia dear, I am very sorry to hear that you and your family are in such poor straits in terms of your financial situation, but hopefully you realize by now that while magic can help with certain situations, it is generally based upon the caster’s force of will… and will only assist if said caster is doing everything else within their power to facilitate the outcome that they are desiring…. It is the basic tenant that the universe is much more willing to help those who are also willing to help themselves. So, if you are simply performing spells or intoning rituals and not then also doing all of the other proactive things one can do in order to make it happen for yourself… well, it is very unlikely that the magic is going to work out for you the way in which you might hope…. And well, for things such as the sweepstakes you mentioned, you also have to take into account that there are always different degrees of need. So, could the universe really justify giving you the house when you obviously already have a home and enough material comforts to have access to the internet and such… when there are likely others out there who have no roof, much less anything else…. It is hard sometimes when we want something to remember that we are part of a bigger whole… and that our wants do not always measure up to other’s needs….

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