Can Magick have an immediate effect?

How can a beginner use magick and ‘feel’ or ‘see’ a response right away, i.e. releaving depression or experience the Goddess personally? (hope these aren’t silly questions). Thank you in advance for your response.

Not silly at all. Casting a circle, singing and dancing around outside and sharing food with friends of a like mind are ways to feel the presence of the goddess and relieve depression. You also have to remember that what “they” used to call magic was mostly healing with herbs, so if you’re experiencing depression, an herb store can help you find teas for depression. St. john’s wort is helpful, but see a doctor for a check up before starting to ingest anything you’re not sure about. Some people are allergic to some herbs. Build an alter; run around naked, earth magic is about celebration and joy, and having a recognition and reverence for the changing seasons. Go to the ocean and experience the goddess in her infinite power and strength, you will be rejuvenated.

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